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Vehicle Crime Prevention & Intelligence

Digitpol’s has developed a custom ANPR solution for vehicle crime prevention and recovery. The system is a revolution in ANPR technology, this modern system uses rapid image processing layered with AI detection and all data is viewable remotely in real time. The project was launches in August 2018 as a pilot and is now developed and available to Law Enforcement, Insurance & Leasing firms.

The problem of Stolen Motor Vehicles and Plant Machinery remains across Europe. In 2018 Digitpol took the initiative to develop a modern and unique prevention tool, the ANPR project. The concept allows for cameras to send data to a databases for cross reference, the check on licence plates or signage takes approximately 400ms and the driver is alerted instantly. When a positive match of a stolen object is identified, the command center also sees the instant data such as licence plate, picture and the time. Action is then taken by authorities to recover the stolen object. Digitpol works in cooperation with a Public-Partnership.

Our vehicles are equipped with ANPR, Tetra radios and 4G Radio Networks. The system is a vehicle to cloud based unique ANPR system that runs from mobile cameras. The data and pictures are viewable in realtime by APP. This is the 1st Pan European-Wide ANPR for Law Enforcement, Insurance, Rental and Leasing firms. Digitpol has deployed 5 ANPR cars to the Balkans and 18 static cameras across East Europe. We aim to expand to 55 cameras in 2019.