Connected Car Forensics

Connected Car forensics is a branch of vehicle forensics relating to recovery of digital evidence or data stored in cloud servers that connect to automotive modules and connected car applications, forensic analysis of the connected car consists of analysing data related to vulnerabilities, acquiring access logs to vehicle Gateway or Command units, CAN BUS logs, and  data from Vehicle Cloud Servers, such data can be recovered from both vehicle and cloud servers under forensically sound conditions.

Digital evidence recovered from both the vehicle and cloud servers can be crucial in identifying the cause of security incidents or accidents involving the vehicle. This data can include information such as driving behavior, location data, vehicle performance data, and other important information. It is crucial to ensure that any data collected during a connected car forensic investigation is done so under forensically sound conditions to preserve the integrity of the evidence. Forensic specialists use specialized techniques and tools to ensure that the data collected is admissible in a court of law and that it can be used to identify the cause of any incidents or breaches.

Overall, connected car forensics is an important branch of vehicle forensics that plays a vital role in identifying potential security threats and providing valuable insights into the operation and performance of connected cars.

Penetration Testing of the Connected Vehicle

Penetration testing of connected vehicles is an important aspect of ensuring the security of modern automobiles. As the number of connected features in vehicles increases, so does the attack surface available to cybercriminals. Digitpol’s expertise in conducting penetration testing for vehicle manufacturers can be valuable in identifying vulnerabilities and securing connected vehicles.

CAN BUS networks are an essential part of modern automobiles and are used for communication between various vehicle components. Expertise in examining CAN BUS gateways and manipulation is crucial in identifying potential vulnerabilities and securing the system.

Forensic analysis of automotive systems can provide valuable information in the event of a security breach or incident. Digitpol’s experience in the examination of ECUs, clusters, keys, and built-in OEM GPS satellite navigation systems can help identify the root cause of any security incidents.

The recovery of identification data, crash data, historic faults, and errors from all types of vehicles can provide insights into any issues that may arise with a vehicle's systems. Examination of vehicles on-site or at a forensic laboratory can provide comprehensive insights into the vehicle's systems and any potential vulnerabilities.

Digitpol’s expertise in conducting penetration testing and forensic analysis on automotive systems can be beneficial in ensuring the security of modern automobiles. Identifying vulnerabilities and securing systems is crucial in ensuring the safety and reliability of vehicles.

BMW Forensics
BMW GPS Forensics
Automotive Forensics

Penetration Testing of the Connected Vehicle

Digitpol’s Connected Car experts are specialised in CAN BUS networks and automotive operation systems, our team conducts penetration testing for vehicle manufactures at both connectivity levels, OT and CAN BUS. We are experts in examination of CAN BUS gateways and manipulations.

GPS Forensics

We can recover evidence from the following systems installed in the following vehicle brands.

BMW | Toyota | Ford | VW | Audi | Skoda | Seat (RNS510)

Volvo | Mercedes-Benz | Nissan

Many other OEM Systems which run similar operating systems. To find out more we require the VIN.

ECU Forensics

Recovery of Deleted Digital VIN and KM data

We specialize in recovery of deleted KM, VIN and Serial numbers from all types of coded ECU's. ABS. Airbag modules, Instrument clusters (dashboards), Keys and Navigation units.

  • KM reading
  • VIN & Serial numbers
  • History and faults with times and KM
  • Crash data, events and historic faults.

Key Forensics

Is The Key Original? Does it belong to the claim?

Recovery of data from Keys -  Transponder Chip Forensics

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Transponder ID
  • How many keys are coded to the vehicle, which key is it
  • The last KM reading
  • The Fuel status
  • Vehicle data paired with the last entry