ANPR Analytics

Digitpol's ANPR software is designed to read vehicle license plates from any IP camera, any country and at any traffic speed. Digitpol's ANPR platform can carry out recognition from any IP camera or public camera and provide a detailed analysis dashboard for data analytics. Digitpol provides a 24/7h service for ANPR Analytics. Turn any IP camera into ANPR.

Key benefits include:

  • Entry & Exit logs with Timestamp, Plate, VRD
  • Improve security for users 
  • We match instantly vehicle registration data with the Plate. 
  • Record on site vehicle movement
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Automated control of parking barriers, fences & gates 
  • Instant reporting to ground security or Police
  • Access Logs 


We can provide you with a full ANPR platform for your existing cameras or we can install ANPR cameras. We also provide ANPR systems for vehicles. For all applications we have a cloud for you to view the HITs.


Cloned & Wrong License Plates

We analyse each plate and check by automated software the vehicles registration data. When a cloned or miss-matched vehicle is identified, we call the Police.

Cloud Database For ANPR Logs

When engaged, we connect your IP camera to our analytics platform and we provide access to a cloud to view and search the ANPR hits. This cloud enables users to view in realtime, search and create reports.

IP Camera to ANPR 

Digitpol can carry out recognition from any IP camera or public camera and provide a detailed analysis dashboard for data analytics. We can connect an unlimited amount of IP cameras.

Command Center 

We provide operational support with the monitoring of cameras and real-time reporting to ground security. If a serious event is identified, we call the Police directly.

Cloud Analysis from ANPR Cameras & Mobile APP 

Digitpol's ANPR is connected to a cloud platform, this cloud allows users to search for plates, look up HITS and export logs, reports and analytics. As the cloud database is an analytical engine, we have introduced a mobile APP for users to enter licenses plates, create notes, add photos and store the location of the check, this data is then sent to the cloud engine as an entry, allowing managers to view all plate entries, time and the location of the check. This is a full system from mobile APP, ANPR cameras as the inputs and the cloud for the analysis.

ANPR Command Centre

Digitpol's ANPR Command Centre is a Centralized ANPR Platform to combat the problem of Stolen Motor Vehicles and Plant Machinery which remains across Europe. In 2018 Digitpol took the initiative to develop a modern and unique prevention tool, the ANPR project. The concept allows for IP cameras to Digitpol for recognition and with API and AI, to check data in global databases for cross reference, the check on licence plates or signage takes approximately 400ms and the operations, clients and operations teams are alerted instantly.

When a positive match of a stolen object is identified, the command center calls in the Police, we also sees the instant data such as licence plate, picture and the time.

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