Mobile Phone Forensics

Cellebrite at Digitpol

Back Up Analysis

Forensic analysis from mobile phone back-up files.

Locked Devices

Specalised tools to unlock the PIN code and decrypt data


Mobile Device forensic aquisition on-site in real-time



Phone calls | Phonebook | SMS | Whatsapp | VoIP | Internet activity | Deleted Data


Mobile phones are proven to be valuable sources of information in the majority of investigations. Parties in litigation seeking to prove wrongdoing often find important evidence, clues and traces by analyzing activities stored on cell phones and smart devices, including contacts and their creation dates as well as when and how often certain phone numbers were called.

Digitpol utilizes global leading technology,  Cellebrite Technology, Cellebrite’s forensic expert technology allows us to carry out forensic acquisition of data from the supported listed devices.

What Data is Recoverable 



 SMS | IM Chat | WhatsApp | Viber | Skype | Wechat | IRC | Deleted

Call history | Incoming | Outgoing | Missed | Deleted

EMAILs | Incoming | Outgoing | Drafts | Deleted

GPS locations | Waypoints | GEO tagging of pictures

Photos | Sent | Received | Deleted

Social Network logs | Activity Time | GEO Login | Deleted

Internet History | History | Entered Keywords | Searches | Deleted | Cookies

Wifi Data | SSID | MAC | I.P

Bluetooth | Paired devices | Timestamp

Why Digitpol use Cellebrite – Because its an Industry standard


Every day around the world, digital data is impacting investigations. Making it intelligent and actionable takes new workflows powered by a unified platform — the Cellebrite UFED Digital Forensics Platform. With powerful data acquisition, management and analysis tools, it will unify teams and unlock the intelligence of mobile data to accelerate investigations and produce defensible evidence.

Why Cellebrite? Because risking the chance that a crucial piece of digital evidence goes undiscovered is simply not an option.

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UFED - Used by Digitpol

Unlocking the Intelligence of Mobile Forensic Data Accelerates Investigations

Growing device backlogs. Limited resources. Lengthy case cycle times. From the police chiefs dedicated to optimizing personnel to better serve the public, to the forensic examiners charged with extracting and analyzing complex forensic data from a growing list of mobile device platforms and the prosecutors committed to swiftly taking criminals o the street, our industry-leading UFED Series has proven an indispensable crime ghting solution. By mining actionable evidence and intelligence from all available mobile data sources at any time and in any location, we help extract the insights needed to focus investigations, streamline work ows and turn information into intelligence. 

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UFED Touch 2 - 5th Gen

 Cellebrite’s next generation portable digital forensics solution, UFED Touch 2, empowers law enforcement, military, intelligence and e-discovery personnel to speed the capture of critical forensic intelligence and evidence from the widest variety of mobile devices and operating systems.

No matter the mission requirements, UFED Touch2 reliably and intuitively extends full logical, physical and le system extraction capabilities where they are needed most – in the eld or lab.

Speed. Usability. Portability. The high performance UFED Touch2 delivers all three, ensuring unprecedented access and defensible forensic evidence – every time.

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