Drone Forensic Investigation

Drone forensics is a branch of digital forensics relating to recovery of digital evidence or data from a drone under forensically sound conditions. The phrase drone forensics (UAV) usually refers to drones; however, it can also relate to any wireless remote controlled UAV that has both internal memory and communication ability, including Cameras, WiFI, GPS, and 3G or 4G connectivity.  Digitpol is an accredited forensic examination agency, Digitpol conducts examination on all types drones and analyse data from drones. Digitpol is also appointed to intercept and shutdown rogue drones.

Drones and all types of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV's) are proven to be valuable sources of information in the majority of criminal investigations. Parties in litigation seeking to prove wrongdoing often find important evidence, clues and traces by analysing activities stored on drones, including flight routes and their creation and landing locations as well as photos the drone has taken, whom has operated it, the controller ID and metadata.

Digitpol has developed a city-wide sensor network that is capable of detecting drone activity by MAC address. This platform can be used to monitor drone flights and gather intelligence on rogue drones, as well as to log activity near protected zones. Using MAC addresses to track drones is a technique that has been used in the past, and it can be an effective way to identify specific drones and their operators. By monitoring the MAC addresses associated with drones, the platform can track the flight path and other information about the drone's activity.

The fact that Digitpol's Drone monitoring platform is cloud-based and can perform analysis on the data collected by the sensors is also noteworthy. This means that the system can be easily scaled up to cover large areas, such as cities or even entire countries, and can be deployed in a range of environments, including vehicles.

Overall, the use of sensor networks and MAC address tracking is an innovative approach to drone monitoring and could be a valuable tool for law enforcement, security agencies, and other organizations that need to monitor drone activity in real-time.

Recover Data From Drones

Digitpol utilizes expert forensic technology to carry out forensic acquisition of data from the supported drones.

What Data is Recoverable 

  • Serial number of the  drone aircraft and some internal components such as MAC, IMEI, & IMSI
  • Version numbers for firmware
  • Metadata from operations such as launching, waypoint logs, GPS available or unavailable during flight.
  • Geo location information for critical locations – launching, landing, and home or return location
  • Full flight path information
  • Wifi Data | SSID | MAC | I.P
  • Bluetooth | Paired devices | Timestamp
Drone attack investigation

Monitoring Drones

Digitpol TSCM
Drone MAC monitoring
Signal Intel

Drone forensics can also encompass the examination of other wireless remote-controlled UAVs that have communication abilities and internal memory. This includes devices with cameras, Wi-Fi, GPS, and 3G or 4G connectivity.

Digitpol is an accredited forensic examination agency that specializes in drone forensics and the analysis of data from drones. Digitpol is also appointed on specific cases to intercept and shutdown rogue drones, which can be a valuable service in situations where drones are being used for nefarious purposes.

Overall, drone forensics is an important field that can provide valuable information in a range of investigations, including criminal cases, accident investigations, and corporate security incidents.

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