Stolen Vehicle Tracking via Vehicle Manufacturer API

Stolen Vehicle Tracking - Connecting to Vehicles Telematics For Tracing 

Digitpol's Stolen Vehicle Tracking platform (SMVIU) is a multi API data exchange center that connects to vehicles in Realtime to acquire the positions, this is done by API with the vehicle manufacturers. The platform is a bridge between Police, Insurers and the vehicle manufacturers, when a stolen vehicle is reported to the SMVIU, the process starts immediately. When a location is received, the active search team (AST) deploy to the location to retrieve the vehicle. Telematics tracing is possible from vehicles manufactured from 2016 upwards.

For all tracing and repatriation require the following documents.

  1. We need to see the required documents such as POA, Police theft report and vehicle papers, we need to be fully assured the claim is authentic.
  2. Once we analyze the case and claim we then deploy our specialized teams.
  3. When we locate your vehicle, we conduct a forensic analysis on the vehicle.
  4. We ensure the original identity is correct by forensic methods.
  5. With the right documents the vehicle can be returned to its lawful owner from any foreign state, we handle the legal process and transport.
  6. All procedures such as a seizure are arranged via a Law Enforcement Agency.


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Stolen Vehicle Investigation Stats & Charts

The German Bundeskriminalamt uses the 2011 figures provided by the German association of insurance companies for the total economic damage on stolen motor vehicles: almost 260 million Euros. This amount represents only stolen vehicles (and not, for example, vehicles which are lost through fraud). The total economic damage is an increase of almost 1% compared to 2010 and a 19% increase compared to the average total amount of the previous 5 years. Moreover, the average individual claim was higher. This could be caused by an increased market value of the average car stolen or an indication of a trend in which motor vehicles with a higher value are targeted. @BKA

Vehicle crime is a highly organized criminal activity affecting all regions of the whole world and with clear links to organized crime and terrorism. Vehicles are not only stolen for their entire functionality, vehicles are also trafficked to finance other crimes. They can also be used as bomb carriers or in the perpetration of other crimes. At the end of December 2015 7.4 million records of reported stolen motor vehicles were registered globally.

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