Digitpol Has Traced And Recovered Thousands Of Stolen Vehicles, Most Linked To Financial Crimes In USA And Europe

International Stolen Car Database - Digitpol's Stolen Car Investigation Unit consists of searching for stolen and embezzled vehicles, examination of seized stolen vehicles, forensics and the repatriation of seized vehicles. Digitpol provides the global search and seizure for stolen vehicles and embezzled vehicles, we do this by combining technology such as Telematics Tracking and ANPR with traditional investigation methods.

When a vehicle is reported stolen to the Police, it is a criminal case meaning the details of the theft may not be public, in most cases it is difficult for the Police to share data, depending on the case, sharing may prevent the public knowing information such as the vehicles make, model, license plate and the Vehicle Identification Number known as a VIN or a Chassis Number. Several Police forces do provide a search function on their official websites or their transport authorities website for the public to look up a VIN to see if it is recorded as stolen but the VIN needs to be checked in the Police database and it’s not displayed on an open internet search such as a google search, this is because Police databases are not indexed and public information is not indexed but queried. So the problem exists for an open internet check, an example is, if a vehicle is stolen in the USA and is shipped to Asia, If a buyer searches the internet on the VIN, there would be no results of the theft.

Vehicles stolen by embezzlement such as financial crime, in some cases these vehicles will not be recorded as stolen, this is due to civil issues between the lender and the borrower or a significant delay can incur between the reporting of an embezzlement.

Digitpol has traced and recovered thousands of stolen vehicles, most linked to financial crimes in USA and Europe.

Digitpol’s International Stolen Car Database, aims as a solution to that, the stolen car registry is an active database of stolen cars, boats, motorbikes, and trucks and is fully indexed by Google meaning any stolen vehicle in the database will be viewed in Google if searched and on the first page with a clear notice the vehicle is wanted.

It is proven that many buyers have searched a VIN online before buying a vehicle, therefore the existence of a vehicle in this database is vital to alert the police, customs, public, a potential buyer or a vehicle import / export office. This is vital when a stolen car is shipped out of a country or is checked by customs, police or import authorities or potential buyers.

By registering a stolen vehicle to the database, an alert including information about the vehicle is sent out across Digitpol’s partner network this includes international stolen vehicle investigation teams, ports, customs, Police and an alert is immediately sent across social media and is resent every few hours, the Vehicle Identity Number, Make, Model, Colour and License Plate will be listed on google as stolen.

If your vehicle / car is stolen you need to report the theft immediately to the nearest police station and then contact Digitpol to assist in the search by listing the car stolen or searching for the vehicle.

To register a vehicle into Digitpol’s International Stolen Car Database, visit the link below. https://digitpol.com/stolen-car-database/