Recovery of Embezzled Vehicles

Recovery of Vehicle Embezzlement - The search, seizure and the legal process to claim the vehicle to the rightful owner

Vehicle embezzlement refers to the illegal act of misappropriating or stealing a vehicle that one has rented, leased, financed or has access to without proper authorization. In this context, embezzlement involves the unauthorized use or retention of a rental car with the intent to deprive the rental company of its rightful ownership or use.

Instances of car embezzlement can take various forms, such as failing pay the loan for a vehicle, failing to pay the lease, failing to return the rental vehicle on time, using the vehicle for unauthorized purposes, or not adhering to the terms and conditions specified in the  agreement. Perpetrators may attempt to conceal the vehicle's whereabouts, making it challenging for the rental company to recover their property.

To address rental car embezzlement, Digitpol investigates the rental, traces the vehicle and in liaison with Police, ensures the vehicle is seized, once the vehicle is seized, a process begins in the legal framework over who is the rightful owner, Digitpol acts on behalf of the rightful car owner and presents a claim to the court, this consists of all the right documents to claim back the vehicle.

In many cases of good faith buyers, embezzlement is only a term used by lawyers, this is because the vehicle is really stolen and the identity is changed and the vehicle is re-sold onto a third party whom claims he / she is the good faith buyer, in such cases, Digitpol has a strong process to investigation good faith cases, not all good faith cases are proven to be true.

Is the VIN changed and questions arise over the true identity? Digitpol's expertise extends to dealing with the challenge of stolen vehicles that undergo identity changes. Digitpol's vehicle experts are ready to conduct forensics on any vehicle, focusing on various identifiers such as stamped VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Engine Number, labels, digital encoded VIN to various ECU's, and other ID markers. In cases where the vehicle's identity has been altered, Digitpol employs specialized techniques to recover the original identification. This capability enhances the chances of successfully recovering stolen vehicles by unraveling any attempts to change
Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle Transport

We track stolen vehicles on a daily basis, we also have a service to recover the vehicles with our own transport vehicles, we can recover any vehicle and parts and repatriate them back to the rightful owner. This service requires documentation and is offered via the insurance sector, also to private owners. The service is European wide.


Re-fitting of seized parts

Vehicle are often stolen for their parts, often all the parts are seized by Police along side the vehicle, we provide the collection of vehicle and parts and the re-assembly of the recovered parts, this fast tracks the repatriation process and ensures the vehicle can be presented to a dealer or inspection center for a final check.

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Aftercare of Recovered Stolen Vehicles

Stolen cars require a detailed inspection once they are recovered, this covers how many keys are coded, replacement of keys, locks, clearing of fault codes, re-coding new keys and a total inspection to ensure the vehicle can be  repaired to a pre-stolen state and can be re-sol


GPS Trackers & Alarms

We supply and fit GPS Trackers and Alarms to all vehicles, if your vehicle is stolen and is to be returned to you, we can return it with a GPS Tracker installed and an alarm system fitted, this is essential as it is common vehicles are re-stolen. Due to inadequate security measures, many vehicles are vulnerable to theft. Factory-installed alarm systems are often susceptible to hacking by criminal organizations.

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