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ANPR 2021 Update - As 2021 year end is approaching, we are counting the number of ANPR HITS in our ANPR server and the number of Dutch license plates processed. This is more complex because when there is no HIT the entry is deleted, so we can only calculate the number of API's to the RDW / VbV and the number of Stolen HITS, so far it was a success. Thanks to the Politie for the support when we received a HIT, your rapid action was top!

Mobile APP - In 2021 we also developed an APP for our external partners, this is also proven to be a success and is been used by a number of LEA at key trafficking routes and Schengen borders, more is coming soon in 2022 on the APP. Special thanks to our partners on the EU exit ports and for your support in 2021 in combatting mobility crime.


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