ANPR Patrols - Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANPR Patrols, Digitpol operates a European ANPR platform that consists of thousands of cameras which are used to detect stolen vehicles, embezzled vehicles and insurance fraud. The system operates across Europe. Digitpol's custom built ANPR patrol vehicles are connected to stolen vehicle databases, the scanned plates are checked against different databases and the answer is given in 400 milliseconds. The ANPR patrolling is carried out without any public confrontation as our vehicles are equipped with covert cameras. Checks are carried out while driving through cities, at a road side or at patrol parking areas.

When a stolen vehicle is detected, we first confirm it is stolen by an internal check with our back office and at the Police, when the plate is “Live” as wanted then action is taken to seize the vehicle. If a license plate is checked by our system and there is no HIT, then the entry is deleted.

ANPR Command Centre

Digitpol's ANPR Command Centre is located in The Netherlands and is a centralised ANPR Platform with API connections to the Police and Insurance agencies, the sole focus is to combat the problem of Stolen Motor Vehicles and Plant Machinery which remains across Europe. In 2018 Digitpol took the initiative to develop a modern and unique prevention tool, the ANPR project. The check on licence plates or signage takes approximately 200ms and Digitpol is alerted instantly.

This is the 1st Pan European-Wide ANPR for Law Enforcement, Insurance, Rental and Leasing firms. Digitpol has deployed ANPR cars to the Balkans and static cameras across East Europe. The project has agreements with European Police agencies. In 2020 we have signed agreements with Ports Authorities, Cargo handlers, Customs, Police and Police Forces.


In some situations a full ANPR deployment is not possible, Digitpol developed a Mobile APP for its external partners to enable the rapid check of Dutch registered vehicles on the spot. The app works with the support of a back office, when a license plate is checked by our partners the backoffice is immediately looking into the file, this can in some cases involve a check at the leasing or financial institutes to check if the vehicle can exit Europe or has any fraud indicators.

At present, in 2021 the APP is in use on a number of schengen borders and in the key exit points of EU Ports. A rollout plan of upgrades is planned for 2022.

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