Automotive Forensics

Automotive crimes are rising and transport crime remains a growing issue, the expertise to investigate vehicle crime is complex, at Digitpol we have specialized for many years in Automotive Device Forensics, Stolen Vehicle Investigation, Embezzled Vehicles, Insurance Fraud, Digital KM Fraud, Investigation of Counterfeit Vehicle Parts, Illicit Diagnostic Software and Automotive Intellectual Property Crime.

Fraudulent Collisions & Fraudulent Claims

Fraudulent insurance claims are a growing and significant problem globally. Our vehicle expert teams can assist establish the facts of a claim, verify the vehicle has been involved in the claim and that the damage is related to the claim.

These fraudulent claims affect everyone as the costs of insurance rise, so our aim is to try and help with this ever growing problem. We are able to offer discreet covert surveillance to establish the facts and build a case for our client.

Digital Fraud Detection

We specialize in Digital Investigation of Motor Insurance Fraud. We are experts in the analysis of “staged collisions” where a vehicle has been reported as crashed, however the collision never happened. We deploy digital forensic methods to undercover the traces stored in vehicle modules. We recover the last events such as any collisions and can identify the vehicle's engine temperature at the time of the collision, the KM reading and the time and date the collision took place. These parameters often assist claims handlers to solve or verify claims. In some cases a fraudulent claim can be detected.

Keyless Theft Investigation

KEYLESS entry car theft is gaining proliferation across Europe and Asia as more criminals are using radio transmitters to perform ‘relay’ car hacks to steal high end vehicles. Car Crime Criminals are exploiting the vulnerabilities of keyless entry system using pairs of radio transmitters by capturing the signal from the car’s fob. The crime can happen close to the owner without their knowledge or by a relay attack.

Keyless entry are those that allow drivers to open and start the vehicle without even touching the fob or even removing it from their pocket.  a growing common scenario of a fraudulent claim is “The owner provides a key to the insurance company of the reported stolen motor vehicle – to verify the key, Digitpol can check if the key belonged to the reported stolen vehicle”. In some cases the key was not from the reported vehicle.

How Can We Help Insurance companies?

We work directly Insurance, Legal or Police agencies to provide support with the following areas:

  • Examine the vehicle for digital traces of an accident
  • Discover by digital traces where the accident took place (2016 +)
  • Examine the key to determine the identity by digital data
  • Examine the instrument cluster to recover Mileage fraud and recover the original mileage
  • Mechanical examination of a motor vehicle

Our Expertise

Counterfeit Automotive Software

Digitpol has analysed thousands of counterfeit automotive safety components and our Intellectual Property experts work with all major vehicle manufactures. We operate in cooperation with Police and International Intellectual Property and paten specialists. Automotive illicit goods are a great risk to safety and modern society.

Vehicle Tracing, Identifying & Recovery

Digitpol’s Stolen Vehicle Crime unit operate globally with offices in The Netherlands, Hong Kong, West Balkans and CIS. Our experts have decades of experience with investigation of vehicle crime, stolen vehicle tracing and repatriation of stolen vehicles. When Digitpol is engaged to recover a Stolen Vehicle, we operate on an hourly rate. We don’t charge any additional fees only the time involved. We operate with fairness and transparency.

Our Vehicle Crime Investigators also contribute towards the prevention of vehicle crime by reducing auto theft through education and enforcement, creating partnerships with other agencies to encourage a collaborative approach to combatting auto theft.


We specialise in covered car transport, enclosed car transport and international car transport.