DIGITPOL Automotive

Digitpol Automotive is a dedicated specialized unit that primarily deals with vehicles and security matters. With a wealth of expertise, our comprehensive range of services covers various areas, such as, ANPR services, IOT development, covert audio devices, covertly installing GPS trackers and telematics applications, conducting vehicle forensics examinations, investigating insurance fraud cases, tracking stolen vehicles, and providing vehicle security applications tailored for government and security services. Digitpol is a leader in Telematics and Forensics of Connected Vehicles.

Digitpol's Automotive Forensic Experts are a team of highly skilled professionals who have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, particularly in covert operations and technical fields. These experts bring their expertise in surveillance and vehicle security to the forefront of their work. With their specialized knowledge and experience, they are equipped to handle a wide range of challenges related to vehicles and their security. Their unique skill set allows them to conduct thorough investigations, analyze evidence, and provide valuable insights in the field of automotive forensics.


Stolen Car Investigation Unit

Digitpol provides operational support with the Search and Recovery of stolen cars, vans, trucks, bikes and boats for Insurance companies. Digitpol provides this search and seizure service in cooperation with Police forces globally and within the Netherlands, Digitpol is the tracing partner of the Stichting Verzekeringsbureau Voertuigcriminaliteit. When a vehicle is stolen and a report has been filed, Digitpol is tasked to trace the vehicle, when the vehicle is located, Digitpol assures the vehicle is kept under surveillance until the Police arrived at the location. Seizure is always carried out by Law Enforcement.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking System

Telematics with Response Service

Digitpol provides tracing by OEM or an aftermarket GPS tracker, providing a comprehensive solution for vehicle security and theft recovery. This tracker is seamlessly integrated with a dedicated 24/7 monitoring team that promptly tracks and responds whenever a theft is reported. Our service includes both the continuous monitoring and the rapid response to recover the vehicle.

Telematics is also applied to criminal investigations and to insurance related investigations, always within the law and for security matters.


Insurance Claim Investigation

Digitpol provides support with the following areas:

Examine the vehicle for digital traces of an accident.
Discover digital traces where the accident took place (2016 +). Locations & Crash Data.
Examine the key to determine the identity by digital data and the last KM the key was used.
Examine the instrument cluster to recover Mileage fraud and recover the original mileage.
Identify swapped parts or stolen parts.
Is the airbag re-programmed, flashed or containes flaws?
Is the Engine ECU mapped?

Jammer Detector

RF Interception & Research

Digitpol is a leader in RF research by understanding the modus operandi utilized by organized crime gangs, Digitpol researches the methods used and develops investigative tools to combat criminality. RF devices such as signal jammers and code sniffers are investigated by Digitpol's RF experts. Our tools are provided to Law Enforcement for the purpose to tackle crimes committed over RF.

The GPS L1,L2 & B bands are currently under research by Digitpol for jamming events.

Bench ECU Testing

ECU Forensics

Digitpol's Automotive Team specialize in recovery of deleted KM, VIN and Serial numbers from all types of coded ECU's. ABS. Airbag modules, Instrument clusters (dashboards), Keys and Navigation units.

  • KM reading
  • VIN & Serial numbers
  • History and faults with times and KM
  • Crash data, events and historic faults.
Key Forensics

Key Forensics

Is The Key Original? Does it belong to the claim?

Recovery of data from Keys -  Transponder Chip Forensics

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Transponder ID
  • How many keys are coded to the vehicle, which key is it
  • The last KM reading
  • The Fuel status
  • Vehicle data paired with the last entry
Automotive Forensics

GPS Forensics

Digitpol has tools to recover evidence from the following systems installed in the following vehicle brands.

BMW | Toyota | Ford | VW | Audi | Skoda | Seat (RNS510)

Volvo | Mercedes-Benz | Nissan | Toyota | Lexus | Porsche | Landrover

Many other OEM Systems which run similar operating systems. A service for Law Enforcement Only.

Airbag Forensics

Crash Data Recovery

Crash data recovery is a specialized area of digital forensics that involves the recovery and analysis of data from a vehicle's airbag control module (ACM) or event data recorder (EDR) following a motor vehicle accident.

The ACM or EDR is a component of a vehicle's safety system that records data related to the vehicle's speed, braking, acceleration, and other performance metrics leading up to and during an accident.