GSM Jammer Detector - Cloud based detection of Signal Jamming

The GSM jamming detection and monitoring module developed by Digitpol is a device that is mounted on a static wall or pole. Its purpose is to detect signal jamming in the nearby area and instantly notify response teams of GSM or GPS jamming events. The module can detect various types of signal jamming, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. It can also detect interference in the cellular network such as rogue base stations, IMSI catchers, and new nearby devices.

Digitpol's custom module is cloud-based, and it contains a white list that allows the monitoring team to have a clear view of alarms, known trusted nearby devices, cell towers, and the rapid detection of new devices. When used with several modules, a mesh is created that ensures a high level of security and detection of jammers within the mesh. The Jammer Detector can alert responding or monitoring agents by SMS, email, API, or in the portal.

The device is useful for detecting espionage on a site, and it can provide a high level of security. The module and platform are developed by Digitpol in The Netherlands

Use Cases:


Digitpol's JamDetect module will detect illegal jammers in use for Vehicle thefts. Jammers are used by criminals to defeat vehicle OEM tracking and aftermarket tracking systems, jammers also defeat onboard navigation and all levels of monitoring or tracking systems.


It has been proven that criminals transporting drugs deploy jammers to defeat law enforcement tracking, tracing and surveillance. Drugs trafficking is difficult to detect and Digitpol's JamDetect module can alert Police to a passing vehicle, container, shipment that a jammer is in use.


Digitpol's JamDetect will detect GPS Jammers in use at car parks and can alert a control room, security guards, law enforcement within seconds of detection. The detection of a jammer can prevent car thefts, robberies and crime. An output is also available to trigger a siren or LED that a jammer is detected.


Secured vehicles or buildings, banks, embassies, police stations, government and similar buildings may come under attack by illegal jammers or rogue cellular networks, the detection is vital as a Jammer can block alarm systems, fire systems and prevent control rooms from receiving security alerts and a rogue cell site could intercept data. Digitpol's detector can be installed in our outside buildings and will alert control rooms instantly if jamming is detected.

The Hardware

  • The Static Detector,  a waterproof module for pole or wall mounting.
  • Detector is suppled with an IOT Data sim and data for 1 years.
  • Provided with a range of power supplies to be agreed with client, ( 5V. 12V, 110V,  220V).
  • Supplied with internal backup battery (24h backup power).
  • Can be supplied with an internal rechargeable battery for 1 month remote operation.
  • Detects jamming of 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G.
  • Detects jamming of GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO.
  • Detects jamming of Wi-Fi / Bluetooth.
  • Detection of IMSI Catchers & Rogue Cellular towers or base stations.
  • Passive collection of nearby Wi-Fi SSID, MAC and metadata.
  • Passive collection of nearby Bluetooth devices (MAC).
  • This module can be installed into a vehicle or a static post.
  • Fully customizable, more capabilities on collection are possible.
  • Working temperature -15 ° C ~ + 55 ° C
  • Configurable output for a siren (for detection of a nearby jammer)

The Software

  • A secured API between the Detector and Cloud enables 24/7 access to data.
  • Spectrum scope of real-time activity, this scope is in 200ms real-time and can display history.
  • A rich database of real-time and historic signal data, GSM activity cellular Towers by connected and nearby towers (LAC, Cell ID, PWR),  nearby SSID, MAC and IMSI.
  • Lifetime logs of Jamming events all stored with a timestamp and metadata, these logs can be exported in CSV and PDF.
  • Lifetime logs of connected Cellular Towers all stored with a timestamp and metadata, these logs can be exported in CSV and PDF.
  • Lifetime logs of nearby Cellular Towers all stored with a timestamp and metadata, these logs can be exported in CSV and PDF.
  • Lifetime logs of detection of IMSI Catchers, these events are stored with a timestamp and metadata, these logs can be exported in CSV and PDF.
  • Lifetime logs of detection of nearby Wi-Fi SSID, MAC and signal strength (other data available for LEA) these logs can be exported in CSV and PDF.
  • Lifetime logs of detection of nearby Wi-Fi SSID, MAC and signal strength, these logs can be exported in CSV and PDF).
  • The cloud allows for multiply users and administrators can select which users will receive an alert when an event is triggered.
Digitpol Jammer Detector
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Detection of Jamming
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A mobile phone jammer, GPS jammer or signal blocker is a device which deliberately transmits signals on the same radio frequencies as mobile phones, disrupting the communication between the phone and the cell-phone base station, effectively disabling mobile phones within the range of the jammer, preventing them from receiving signals and from transmitting them. Jammers can be used in practically any location, but are found primarily in places where a phone call would be particularly disruptive because silence is expected, such as entertainment venues. Jammers have been widely used to disruptive GPS trackers, defeat alarm systems and are used with the sole intend to commit crimes.

Jammers disrupt the operations of legitimate security applications, alarms, GPS trackers, emergency sensors, mobile phone services, the use of such blocking devices is illegal in many jurisdictions, especially without a licence. When operational, such devices also block access to emergency services

It is important to note that using a jammer is illegal in many countries and can result in significant fines and even imprisonment. Additionally, the use of jammers can pose serious risks to public safety, as they can disrupt emergency services and hinder communication in critical situations. It is important to ensure that any measures taken to prevent unwanted communication or tracking do not violate any laws or regulations, and do not pose a risk to public safety. Digitpol's Jammer Detector is a passive device that is fully compliant with local laws.

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