Public - Private Relations

Our mission at Digitpol is to provide operational support to existing investigations when additional support is required. We operate with Law Enforcement in a practice known as Public-Private working. We provide operational support in the sector of investigative support, vehicle crime investigation, stolen vehicle tracing outside the jurisdiction of origin, device forensics, intelligence and training on new trends and modus operandi.

We have specialised for many years in Automotive Device Forensics, Stolen Vehicle Investigation, Insurance Fraud, Digital KM Fraud, Investigation of Counterfeit Vehicle Parts, Illicit Diagnostic Software and Automotive Intellectual Property Crime.

The Automotive industry is complex in terms of forensic investigation and successful results often involve many stakeholders, such as component manufacture and data from complex microchips. Law Enforcement depends on cooperation between the vehicle manufacturers, stakeholders and forensic experts with know how of investigation, forensics and vehicle crime.

We are committed to working with Law Enforcement and key industry partners to combat International crime.