Vehicle Forensics Training 

Digitpol provides training to Law Enforcement Agencies on Vehicle Forensics to recover forensic data from vehicle navigation systems. The training is provided only to Law Enforcement officers.  The following courses are planned for 2022.

GPS / Navigation / Infotainment Forensics - Basic Training For Police

This workshop covers the basics in infotainment forensics such as how to remove modules from a vehicle so that evidence is preserved, how to power up the module in a forensic lab and the process on how to recover data. This workshop will include an introduction into advanced infotainment forensics such as JTAG and recovering data in-vehicle and what datasets are available for Law Enforcement. The workshop is open to Law Enforcement only and to those with a certification or experience in Digital Forensics. The training will be given on-location and online access will also be provided.

The workshop is open to Law Enforcement only! 

The Workshop

  • The workshop is provided by experts whom are current Law Enforcement officers and former, these experts have minimum of 10 years experience in vehicle crime and are also certified computer forensic examiners.
  • The workshop will be conducted in a class room and in practical, typically day 1 is delivered in presentation format and day 2 is a hands on practical session at a forensic lab.
  • Examinations are in both written and practical.
  • A certification of completion will be issued to those who pass.

Examples of Topics Covered:

  • Operating System of infotainment modules.
  • CAN BUS overview & Data inputs to infotainment.
  • What data is stored in infotainment systems and where is it stored (EEPROM, FLASH, HDD).
  • Data limitation per make, model and the maker of the infotainment module.
  • How to remove a module from a vehicle so that evidence is preserved.
  • Difference between Telematic Modules and Infotainment in terms of data and why both is needed.
  • The extraction of data from several modules and why it is vital.
  • Overview of data store from paired & non-paired phones (IMEI).
  • Directory files (location) of data from paired & non-paired phones (IMEI).
  • Understanding and decoding of stored data per IMEI.
  • Extraction of All Call logs / Incoming / Outgoing / Missed.
  • Extraction of last GPS fixes (last locations driven).
  • Extraction of Entered routes.
  • Extraction of  Other Driver information.
  • Extraction of  RDS info.
  • Extraction of Media files.
  • Extraction of Music files with forensic detail.
  • Extraction of Thumbnail Pictures.
  • Unlocking the HDD and how to create an image

More information is on the event page


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