Digitpol has recovered 100s of Stolen Toyota’s in 2023

Digitpol has successfully recovered hundreds of stolen Toyotas, prompting a strong recommendation for owners to consider installing tracking systems as a proactive measure against theft. The prevalence of Toyota RAV4 and Toyota C-HR thefts can be attributed to their popularity among criminals, a trend commonly observed as vehicles gain widespread appeal. The Toyota RAV4, having attained the status of the best-selling passenger car globally in 2022 with over 1,000,000 units sold, experiences particularly high demand, contributing to its attractiveness to thieves. Similarly, the Toyota C-HR has enjoyed significant success since its 2016 introduction, particularly in Europe.

Digitpol's weekly operations frequently involve tracing numerous Toyotas, often bound for Africa or disassembled for parts, indicative of the considerable demand for these vehicles and their components. Notably, the rise in thefts is not indicative of inherent vulnerabilities in Toyota models compared to other vehicles; rather, it reflects their market popularity. For instance, Italy has witnessed an uptick in Fiat 500 thefts, while Range Rovers are targeted in the UK, and RAM1500 models in the USA.

Toyota has responded to this trend by enhancing security measures, effectively reducing theft rates. However, combating digital theft methods remains an ongoing challenge, necessitating a continuous effort to stay ahead of evolving tactics employed by criminals. Digitpol advises Toyota and Lexus owners to consider aftermarket alarm and tracking solutions, emphasizing their effectiveness against theft attempts. Solutions against digital theft methods are in many cases a cat-and-mouse game between the car manufacturer and criminals, this goes for all vehicle makers. If a new theft method becomes known, it is reported to the factory. Unfortunately, it is often only possible to apply improved security to a new model or a recall, in most cases, it requires a major adjustment to the electronic platform or the use of an alarm system that is built in at the factory.

Car makers respond differently to combatting thefts, some are in favour to assist Law Enforcement and some make it difficult to obtain data, for example Mercedes Benz sees it as a commercial business model and charges a large amount to set up an account, other makers don't charge, Toyota is at the top of cooperation when it comes to tackling theft, they fully cooperate and have their own control center. Each car manufacturer sees it in a different light and have different data regulations, Toyota has a very strict data sharing policy which is solely focused on consent from the vehicles owner, BMW would seek a warrant. Overall, it's fair to say all car manufacturers support efforts to fight vehicle crime, some more than others.

Digitpol states that the Toyota is not any more easier to steal than another vehicle, the increase in thefts is due to popularity, for example in Italy the Fiat 500 theft has increased at the same rate, in the UK the Range Rover. The car makers are not to blame.

Digitpol has developed a robust GPS tracker specifically tailored for Toyota C-HR and RAV4 models, seamlessly integrated with a dedicated 24/7 monitoring team. This comprehensive solution ensures prompt response and efficient vehicle recovery in the event of theft. Leveraging the expertise of former law enforcement officers, Digitpol's monitoring team collaborates closely with the authorities to facilitate swift recovery operations.

By opting for Digitpol's GPS tracker service, Toyota owners can rest assured that their vehicles are well-protected. The system's features include a range of security measures such as activation of telematics on notice of a theft, standard immobilizers, dual alarm sirens, telematics connections, VHF technology, and GPS/GSM capabilities. Approved for insurance purposes and certified for reliability, Digitpol's solution offers peace of mind to Toyota and Lexus owners concerned about vehicle security.

For more information about Digitpol's Toyota Tracker & Alarm, please visit the official website or contact the vehicle security team directly via email or phone.

Link to Digitpol's Toyota C-HR GPS Tracker: https://digitpol.com/toyota-chr-gps-tracker/

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