Seven stolen vehicles recovered using telematics 

On Friday 24 June, the police, in collaboration with Digitpol, found and seized seven stolen vehicles of the brands Mercedes, Range Rover, VW and Toyota in the Amsterdam region.

In order to find more stolen vehicles, VbV has been working together with Digitpol - a licensed Private Investigation Agency - specialized in forensic investigation and detection since 2021.

How does it work?
Immediately after placing the theft signal in the VbV application (Missing Auto Register), Digitpol automatically receives a digital notification. The moment a vehicle, equipped with specific telematics, gives off a signal, the vehicle can be followed in real time.

Signal Mercedes leads police to a greenhouse in Amsterdam region
Based on the traceable signal from a Mercedes GLA, jointly with the Police,  Digitpol was able to determine the location of the vehicle. After contacting the Amsterdam police, the police found several vehicles in addition to the stolen Mercedes GLA.

After investigation, it turned out that seven vehicles had been stolen.
The police were able to confiscate it. An investigation into the arrested suspect is currently underway.

Public-private partnership
A great result of public-private partnership!
In order to obtain the details of the insurer and or owner, the police has sought cooperation with VbV. As soon as the rightful owner is known, the police will ensure that the seven vehicles are returned to the rightful owner.


Further information can be found at the VbV