On 22 March, DIGITPOL members attended the National Intelligence and Expertise Center for Vehicle Crime organised a network meeting. The turnout was excellent. Many representatives of public parties (RDW, Tax and Customs Administration, J&V Customs, KMAR, FIOD, CCV) and private parties (Insurers, POBs', BOVAG, ARN, KIWA) were present in Harderwijk in large numbers.

The afternoon was kicked off by a short introduction by MT members Martine van Eijsden (Police) and Edwin Karelsen (VbV).
During an interactive presentation, Manager Rudi Welling explained the activities of the LIV in the past year. The focus is mainly on investigative support.

Optimization of service and services   

Extensive attention was also paid to the future goals, including a request to pay more attention to the embezzlement of vehicles. Not illogical, because this form of crime is increasing. The LIV will use the input received from this network meeting to further improve the service.

Old contacts were renewed and many new contacts were made.
The LIV network is essential for good services and cooperation with both public and private parties. A very successful network meeting that is worth repeating.

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