The Municipality of Utrecht (Pillar Transport and Logistics - GSPB) organized a major traffic subversion check on Wednesday afternoon and evening 12 April. The control street took place in Utrecht Noord and Noordoost: in the afternoon on Koningsweg and in the evening on Hengeveldstraat. The Municipality (W&I and OOV), the Police, Forensic Investigation and the Nodaal team, the Tax and Customs Administration and the Vehicle Crime Insurance Agency (VbV) participated in this action.

The objective of the traffic/subversion control is to increase road safety and, in addition, to take repressive action in the areas of subversion, violation of tax legislation, excise duty evasion, WWM and opium-related offences. In tackling subversion, it is important to be visible and to act like a government.

Result control

  • In total, three people have been arrested, two of them with drugs and money.
    One of the arrested suspects was part of a SUMMIT investigation. Later in the evening there was an entry into a house.
  • The Tax and Customs Administration has imposed a bpm claim on two owners of vehicles. The bailiff of the Tax and Customs Administration has collected € 61,000 in outstanding claims.
    A total of seven vehicles were seized.
  • Thanks to the ANPR scan car of DIGITPOL, a HIT was detected, a stolen Jeep was checked by the FO police, this car was seized and returned to its rightful owner.
  • The police has imposed several official reports.

Public-private partnership
In short, a good example of public-private partnership, which, in addition to visibility in the neighbourhoods, has also produced good information and results.

Several checks will be organized in the city districts in the coming months.


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