Are You being Tracked?

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM).

Is your team been monitored or do you suspect covert surveillance equipment is installed. If someone or an agency considers you or your team a target or your movements it is important enough to target your position, you need to have your offices and vehicle checked for hidden devices.

Modern surveillance equipment can be placed in an office or car without the need to enter the vehicle or have the keys, foreign spy agencies and bad actors have found various ways to accomplish this.

In today’s business society surveillance equipment is not uncommon, there are lots of examples of advanced surveillance equipment installed into offices or vehicles for monitoring use, most were not detected by government sweeping tools.

Foreign governments, competing corporations, and private information gatherers frequently resort to the use of electronic surveillance devices to gain a competitive advantage in the market place. Others may use it to obtain compromising information that can be employed for a variety of uses ranging from simple embarrassment to blackmail.

Even the most vigilant security measures cannot rule out all incidents of illegal activity, clandestine or covert efforts, and devices that can compromise sensitive information, privacy, and confidentiality.

Our Digital TCSM team can conduct sweeping your vehicle from 5Mhz to 9ghz using the latest technology. We will find anything even if it sleeps or operates on specific times.

We only provide this service to corporate agencies.

Our Expertise


Digitpol has been providing technical surveillance countermeasures security sweeps and eavesdropping detection services since 2013. We are based in The Netherlands but travel throughout the EU and the world for our clients. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of RF testing, TSCM, WiFi analysis and security services, information security and technical services for executive and corporate security. We are ready to respond immediately to your needs.


If someone or some company considers it is important enough to bug your home or your place of work, it is almost certain that they have considered monitoring your transport. If you drive anywhere or you are driven, it may be useful for someone to know your conversations whilst in your car. Bugs can be placed in a car without the need to enter the vehicle or have the keys; there are various ways to accomplish this.


Bugs placed in or under a car are different to most bugs placed in a home of place of work.

Firstly the car is mobile and therefore can only be successfully bugged using a GSM bugging device that has no distance restrictions.

Secondly In addition to listening to your conversation, it is common to combine a bug with a global position tracker to monitor the car's position. 

Most bugs fitted to vehicles are either fitted covertly inside or even under the vehicle itself. Modern cars are hard to gain access to without disturbing an alarm, so specialist vehicle bugs that often include a GPS covert tracker system are fitted underneath, or in the engine area where access can be gained comparatively easily. These bugs are small and unobtrusive with a short wire that can be fed through a drain hole or existing grommet that has a miniature microphone at the end.

The result being that a bug can be fitted to your vehicle in a matter of minutes that can record conversations inside the car, track the vehicles movements to within a few metres and yet entry to the car has not been necessary.