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Netherlands Private Investigation Agency, Digitpol provides agencies and corporations with professional investigative expertise necessary to resolve conflict by detailed fact-finding and analysis which can be conducted by open and closed investigative methods. We combine digital and physical investigation methods. Since 2013 we’ve provided open and covert investigation and forensic services for our clients worldwide, Digitpol has an unmatched track record of conducting complex investigations and working with external counsel to conduct and conclude lawful investigation, research or regulatory inquiries. Digitpol is a leading private intelligence agency located in The Netherlands. Digitpol operates across Europe.

Digitpol is a licensed and accredited criminal investigation agency specialising in Operational Support and Investigative Services to fight against transnational crimes. We work together with Law Enforcement agencies and Industry Stakeholders.

Corporate Fraud

When corporate or financial fraud is suspected, companies are expected to report to the Police, often the Police has not the immediate time to take action due to lack of evidence or time and companies therefore engage Digitpol to investigate the circumstances surrounding the discovered fraud. Digitpol's Cyber and Fraud Team are certified fraud and forensic examiners and can deploy to assist with all cases related to business fraud, extortion, deception and commercial espionage. Digitpol deploys custom effective fact finding strategies and fraud investigations, some of which can include undercover investigations, open and closed interviews of employees, forensic analysis of computers, phones, emails, analysis of documents and meta data.

Intellectual Property Crime Investigation

Digitpol investigates Intellectual Property crimes, often referred to as “Fake Parts or Fake Goods” from start to finish by buying fake goods in person or online, conducting surveillance to trace illegal manufactures and assisting with the final stages, seizure of production of material and removal of on-line shops. We specialize  in the take-down of websites and e-stores hosting illicit and copyright content. Digitpol’s IP Crime team are highly specialized in the covert purchasing of counterfeit goods. Once the goods are purchased, we analyze them in a forensic lab in order to detail in a report the differences between the purchased goods and the authentic goods. This process has led to criminal convictions in several countries.

Due Diligence For Agencies

Digitpol provides companies with a comprehensive suite of due diligence and business intelligence possibility so they can better protect their investments and make critical business decisions with confidence. Whether you are evaluating investments, entering new markets, vetting third parties or satisfying regulatory requirements, we offer a broad spectrum of consultative and programmatic solutions to address your specific needs. Digitpol’s unmatched investigative capabilities, worldwide presence and long-standing reputation will save you time and risk.

Mobile Phone Forensics and Portable Devices

Mobile phones are proven to be valuable sources of information in the majority of investigations. Parties in litigation seeking to prove wrongdoing often find important evidence, clues and traces by analysing activities stored on cell phones and smart devices, including contacts and their creation dates as well as when and how often certain phone numbers were called. Digitpol provides the full analysis of all types of mobile phones.

We can investigate on-site in our mobile forensic unit or you can bring the phone to our offices for analysis. We also accept exhibits by secured courier.

For Private Parties we offer services: 

Tracing Missing Persons
When a person is gone missing or lost evidence of an immediate missing person, the police needs to wait 24 to 48 hours. Precious searching time is then lost. If we are engaged, we can respond fast and this increases the chance to locate a missing person. Our global network allows for searches overseas.

Alimony Research
If your paying partner alimony to your ex-partner and you hear that your ex is living together with a new partner that has a job or is doing paid work, you want to have this investigated so that you may have to stop the payment in whole or a part of.

Adultery Examination
If your noticing signals from your partner that are not correct or have a suspicion often such as stories that change all the time, new friend meetings or working overtime more regularly. Often signals are that your partner is suddenly and often unreachable on the phone when the mobile phone is normally kept close to her / him.  Suspicious signs or signals can often indicate a cheating partner.  This situations are complex when children is involved or alot of assets therefor we will obtain the correct evidence.

Tracing Assets Money & Goods
You may have been scammed or money is stolen from you, in some cases you know by whom but you will not get your money or property back from this person without evidence.

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