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The Netherlands Justis has an approved online service for the public to validate active holders of the (POB), Recherchebureaus, Criminal Investigation Offices, this is an addition to the list that is published. To validate the status of DIGITPOL in the Wpbr registry,

Online Status of DIGITPOL BV:

Screening authority Justis assesses the reliability of people and organizations to promote a safe and just society.

As a government organization, Justis screens in areas where politicians and society believe that reliability is important and where Justis has access to unique information that is only available to the government. Where the business community screens, Justis wants this to be done reliably and that is why it also screens these organizations.

Justis contributes to the rule of law, as the rule of law can only function properly if reliability and safety are guaranteed. When screening people and organizations, Justis focuses on the principles of the rule of law. Independently and with an eye for privacy, Justis weighs the interests of the individual against the interests of society on a legal basis.

Justis sees itself as an ambitious implementation organization that carries out its tasks carefully and reliably and is also focused on opportunities for improvement. Justis works from the perspective of the citizen and from the awareness that its decisions can have a profound impact on people's lives.

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