Successful result of a challenging pilot - First stolen vehicles returned from Ghana to Rotterdam

At the request of Interpol Ghana, a project started with the VbV, NCB The Hague and Digitpol, a pilot has been started to trace and seize dozens of Dutch vehicles and return them to the rightful owners. This pilot project is being carried out in collaboration with Interpol Ghana, Interpol Netherlands, VbV, DIGITPOL, a law firm in Accra and Retrieve International Recovery. This pilot has already achieved some successes and the first vehicles have been returned to the Netherlands. The first container was unloaded in the port of Rotterdam on the 28th of May 2024.

RAV4 Stolen in Ghana
Stolen Car Recovered in Ghana

The stolen vehicles are now in the secured are of Rotterdam Port. A forensic investigation will be carried out on the vehicles electronics by Digitpol, topics such as theft methods, digital traces, coding of new keys and older keys to be deleted. Digitpol's expertise extends to dealing with any identity changes such as the stamped VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Engine Number, labels, digital encoded VIN's to various ECU's, and other ID markers. When all is ok and clear the vehicle will be released.

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 23.03.20

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