Digitpol – Automotive, Intelligence, Forensics, Risk and Investigation services.

Digitpol is one of the world’s leading providers of Tracing, Risk, Intelligence and Investigation services to government & homeland security. At Digitpol, our work involves information that goes beyond publicly available facts, this enables us to look into matters behind the scenes or information that is not public, always for security, safety, investigations and within the legal framework.

Digitpol Automotive is a dedicated specialized unit that primarily deals with vehicles and security matters. With a wealth of expertise, our comprehensive range of services covers various areas, such as, tracing stolen vehicles, ANPR services, IOT, telematics applications and forensics.

Digitpol’s investigates digital and cyber enabled crimes such as hacking incidents, data breaches, phishing attacks, email fraud, financial crimes, online scams and cyber attacks. Our instant support to such cases, our reports and findings enable law enforcement to fast track their investigations.

Digitpol’s computer forensics experts investigate, analyse and recover forensic data from computers, portable devices, mobile phones, USB drives, servers, cloud and hard disk drives.

Our work involves information beyond publicly available facts, this enables us to look into matters behind the scenes, always for security, investigations and within the legal framework. Mostly, we work in secrecy and rarely do our successes become public. Digitpol is an authorized criminal investigation agency specializing in operational support and investigative services to fight against transnational crimes.

At Digitpol, we know that security is an ongoing process that should cover cyber and digital crime investigation, physical tracing, intelligence and digital forensic investigation. When Digitpol is engaged, we monitor the most serious threats and rogue actors, we collect threat intelligence 24/7. We are proactive at all levels.

Digitpol cooperates closely with Law Enforcement agencies and National Security Services. Digitpol is headquartered in The Netherlands.

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