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Digitpol Automotive is a dedicated specialised unit that primarily deals with vehicles security matters. With a wealth of expertise, our comprehensive range of services in vehicle security applications tailored for government and private owners. we provide the installation of GPS trackers, immobilisers, covert beacons and the full monitoring and response service. Digitpol is a leader in Telematics and Forensics of Connected Vehicles.


Stolen Car Tracing Recovery Unit

Digitpol provides operational support with the Search and Recovery of stolen cars, vans, trucks, bikes and boats for Insurance companies. Digitpol provides this search and seizure service in cooperation with Police forces globally and within the Netherlands, Digitpol is the tracing partner of the Stichting Verzekeringsbureau Voertuigcriminaliteit. When a vehicle is stolen and a report has been filed, Digitpol is tasked to trace the vehicle, when the vehicle is located, Digitpol assures the vehicle is kept under surveillance until the Police arrived at the location. Seizure is always carried out by Law Enforcement.


GPS Tracking System with Response Unit

Digitpol's Stolen Vehicle Tracking platform (SMVIU) is a multi API data exchange center that connects to vehicles in Realtime to acquire the positions, this is done by API with the vehicle manufacturers, the data obtained is known as telematics. The platform is a bridge between Police, Insurers and the vehicle manufacturers, when a stolen vehicle is reported to the SMVIU, the process starts immediately. When a location is received, the active search team (AST) deploy to the location to retrieve the vehicle. Telematics tracing is possible from vehicles manufactured from 2016 upwards. Digitpol is a leader in Telematics and operates on national level to trace vehicles.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking System

24/7 Monitoring Response Service

Digitpol offers a comprehensive solution for vehicle security and theft recovery by providing tracing services through Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket GPS trackers. The company seamlessly integrates these trackers with a dedicated 24/7 monitoring team. This team promptly tracks and responds to reports of theft, ensuring continuous monitoring and a swift response to recover the stolen vehicle. Digitpol's services aim to enhance vehicle security through advanced tracking technology and efficient response mechanisms


Toyota RAV4 & CHR Tracking System

Due to the popularity of Toyota and Lexus, thefts are on the rise, Digitpol designed a robust GPS tracker that is specifically designed for Toyota C-HR and RAV4 models, the tracker is designed to trace stolen Toyotas and to provide a comprehensive solution for vehicle security and theft recovery. This tracker is seamlessly integrated with a dedicated 24/7 monitoring team that promptly tracks and responds whenever a theft is reported. Our service includes both the installation of the tracker, continuous monitoring and the rapid response to search for the car if it is stolen.

SCM class 5

SCM Approved Tracker - SCM class 4 &5

A class 5 vehicle security system is also a system that can always automatically determine the position of the vehicle and transmit it live to a secured monitoring control room, PAC, and is equipped with an immobilizer. The PAC has the task to coordinate the Police to the location and to ensure the vehicle is secured as fast as possible.

Our certified security system complies with all applicable requirements:

  • CCV Vehicle Security quality mark
  • Insurers & the VbV
  • Kiwa SCM approval
Key Forensics

Thatcham Approved Vehicle Trackers

Thatcham Category is the new classification for vehicle trackers that previously were considered Category 5. Insurance companies mandate a Category S5 vehicle tracking system be fitted for vehicles over a certain value. Digitpol supplies trackers with approved certification, Thatcham Category includes VHF technology that can track stolen assets even when concealed in metal containers, lock-ups or underground car parks, incorporating RF, GPS and GSM technology.

  • All fitted trackers are connected to a European monitoring and control room.
  • VHF technology for near field location.
  • GPS and GSM technology.
  • Approved for Insurance.
GSM Jammer Detection

Counter Surveillance

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi MAC Address Capture Unit: This device is designed for on-the-go or mobile gathering of nearby WiFi and Bluetooth MAC addresses from passing devices. The collected data is transmitted to a secure cloud at regular intervals, enabling the operator to observe devices and generate analytics of vehicles following your vehicle. The cloud platform facilitates the creation of profiles, blacklisting, and whitelisting of MAC addresses. Additionally, alarms can be delivered through email, SMS, and various apps. Monitoring MAC addresses on the move can aid in identifying and unwanted surveillance.

If you think your vehicle is followed then this is a must have device.

stolen BMW X5

The Works

We are going to install everything possibly to secure your vehicle, from an approved GPS Tracker, Alarm with a Ghost Immobiliser, counter surveillance technology and deadlocks.

  • Alarm with standard immobiliser.
  • Ghost immobiliser.
  • Dual Alarm Siren, under bonnet and inside the car.
  • Telematics connection.
  • VHF technology for near field location.
  • GPS and GSM technology.
  • Approved for Insurance.
  • CCV Vehicle Security quality mark.
  • Counter surveillance with WiFi & Bluetooth.
  • Certified
Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle Transport

We track stolen vehicles on a daily basis, we also have a service to recover the vehicles with our own transport vehicles, we can recover any vehicle and parts and repatriate them back to the rightful owner. This service requires documentation and is offered via the insurance sector, also to private owners. The service is European wide.


Re-fitting of seized parts

Vehicle are often stolen for their parts, often all the parts are seized by Police along side the vehicle, we provide the collection of vehicle and parts and the re-assembly of the recovered parts, this fast tracks the repatriation process and ensures the vehicle can be presented to a dealer or inspection center for a final check.


Aftercare of Recovered Stolen Vehicles

Stolen cars require a detailed inspection once they are recovered, this covers how many keys are coded, replacement of keys, locks, clearing of fault codes, re-coding new keys and a total inspection to ensure the vehicle can be  repaired to a pre-stolen state and can be re-sold.


GPS Trackers & Alarms

We supply and fit GPS Trackers and Alarms to all vehicles, if your vehicle is stolen and is to be returned to you, we can return it with a GPS Tracker installed and an alarm system fitted, this is essential as it is common vehicles are re-stolen. Due to inadequate security measures, many vehicles are vulnerable to theft. Factory-installed alarm systems are often susceptible to hacking by criminal organizations.

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