Toyota C-HR & RAV4 GPS Tracker With Monitoring Service

GPS Tracker for all Lexus and Toyota C-HR and RAV4 models with quick response and investigation service to recover the vehicle in the event of a theft. 

Due to the popularity of Toyota and Lexus, thefts are on the rise, Digitpol designed a robust GPS tracker that is specifically designed for Toyota C-HR and RAV4 models, the tracker is designed to trace stolen Toyotas and to provide a comprehensive solution for vehicle security and theft recovery. This tracker is seamlessly integrated with a dedicated 24/7 monitoring team that promptly tracks and responds whenever a theft is reported. Our service includes both the installation of the tracker, continuous monitoring and the rapid response to search for the car if it is stolen.

In the unfortunate event of a vehicle theft, our dedicated monitoring team, which comprises experienced former Law Enforcement officers, will spring into action. They possess the necessary expertise to swiftly track down the stolen vehicle. This process is conducted in close cooperation with the Police, ensuring a collaborative effort to recover the vehicle successfully.

By opting for our GPS tracker service, you can have confidence that your Toyota C-HR or RAV4 is well-protected, and in the event of theft, an efficient search and recovery operation will be initiated. We have several options for security.

Digitpol's Toyota Tracker & Alarm

We are going to install something that cannot be defeated because we understand the modus operandi of Toyota and Lexus thefts, our custom solution for Toyota and Lexus is developed specifically and works in all scenarios against a theft.

  • Alarm with standard immobiliser.
  • Ghost immobiliser.
  • Dual Alarm Siren, under bonnet and inside the car.
  • Telematics activation upon notice of a theft.
  • VHF technology for near field location.
  • GPS and GSM technology.
  • Approved for Insurance.
  • CCV Vehicle Security quality mark.
  • Counter surveillance with WiFi & Bluetooth.
  • Certified.

Thatcham Approved Vehicle Trackers

Thatcham Category is the new classification for vehicle trackers that previously were considered Category 5. Insurance companies mandate a Category S5 vehicle tracking system be fitted for vehicles over a certain value. Digitpol supplies trackers with approved certification, Thatcham Category includes VHF technology that can track stolen assets even when concealed in metal containers, lock-ups or underground car parks, incorporating RF, GPS and GSM technology.

  • All fitted trackers are connected to a European monitoring and control room.
  • VHF technology for near field location.
  • GPS and GSM technology.
  • Approved for Insurance.

SCM Approved Tracker - SCM class 4 &5

A class 5 vehicle security system is also a system that can always automatically determine the position of the vehicle and transmit it live to a secured monitoring control room, PAC, and is equipped with an immobilizer. The PAC has the task to coordinate the Police to the location and to ensure the vehicle is secured as fast as possible.

Our certified security system complies with all applicable requirements:

  • CCV Vehicle Security quality mark
  • Insurers & the VbV
  • Kiwa SCM approval

Digitpol has recovered 100s of Stolen Toyotas, we advise owners to install tracking system as a prevention. Why are the Toyota RAV4 and Toyota C-HR stolen?

Unfortunately, as a car becomes more popular, its popularity among criminals also increases. When demand for a car is high, theft rates often rise. The Toyota RAV4 was the best-selling passenger car worldwide in 2022. With more than 1,000,000 units sold, the worldwide demand for this model is extremely high. The current Toyota C-HR has also been a very successful Toyota model since its introduction in 2016, especially in Europe. Weekly Digitpol traces 100s of Toyotas, often they are destine for Africa or for parts. The demand for parts is also high.

Solutions against digital theft methods are in many cases a cat-and-mouse game between the car manufacturer and criminals. If a new theft method becomes known, it is reported to the factory. Unfortunately, it is often only possible to apply improved security with a model year change or a new model. In most cases, it requires a major adjustment to the electronic platform or the use of an alarm system that is built in at the factory. Digitpol recommends to all Toyota and Lexus owners to have an aftermarket alarm and tracker fitted, the reason it simple, Toyota and Lexus are soaring in popularity and are therefore targeting by thieves.

Digitpol states that the Toyota is not any more easier to steal than another vehicle, the increase in thefts is due to popularity, for example in Italy the Fiat 500 theft has increased at the same rate, in the UK the Range Rover. The car makers are not to blame.

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Stolen Toyota RAV4 Seized by Digitpol

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