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Since 2021, Digitpol has solidified its position as a leader in tracking stolen vehicles through telematics and actively pursuing recovery with a dedicated team. This initiative specifically targets all stolen Dutch vehicles, and since its inception, Digitpol has invested significantly in technology and customized software, resulting in the successful recovery of vehicles valued at 11 million euros.

On Monday, November 13, 2023, VbV and Digitpol formalized an exclusive agreement for vehicle recovery using telematics for the upcoming years and with exclusivity. Digitpol earned this exceptional agreement based on its progress since 2021 and the fact that its system is purpose-built for this specific task and is fully integrated with OEM's and Insurers.

Over the past two years, substantial efforts have been directed towards advancing technology, establishing frameworks, and conducting authentic investigations. Since 2016, an increasing number of brands have integrated with Digitpol's system, broadening the spectrum of 'connectable' vehicles. Anticipating a continued upward trend, there is an expectation to identify and recover a growing number of vehicles in the years ahead.

Telematics operates as a complementary tool alongside other detection methods, including certified recovery and vehicle tracking systems provided by suppliers or manufacturers such as Moving Intelligence, LoJack, or Clifford Electronics Benelux.

Currently, approximately 10% of all vehicles in the Netherlands are equipped with certified recovery or vehicle tracking systems, showcasing an impressive recovery rate of 95% or higher. The percentage of 'connectable' vehicles is steadily increasing, currently reaching 65%. Consequently, these combined detection methods contribute to almost 14% of all annually stolen Dutch registered vehicles.

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