Digitpol, a global leader in digital and cybercrime investigation solutions, proudly announces the release of its groundbreaking product, MAC-GRAB. This Portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi MAC Address Capture Unit is specifically designed for on-the-go or mobile collection of nearby WiFi and Bluetooth MAC addresses from passing devices, catering to the evolving needs of security, surveillance, and public safety.

Key Features:

  1. Portability and Mobile Use: MACGRAB is a compact and highly mobile unit, tailored for efficient on-the-go MAC address capture.
  2. Secure Cloud Integration: The device seamlessly transmits collected data to a secure cloud at regular intervals, enabling operators to observe devices and generate analytics in real-time.
  3. Comprehensive Cloud Platform: MACGRAB's cloud platform supports the creation of profiles, blacklisting, and whitelisting of MAC addresses, providing users with powerful tools for enhanced surveillance and security.
  4. Multi-Channel Alarming: The product supports alarms through email, SMS, and various apps, ensuring prompt notification of any security concerns or anomalies.

Government Use Cases:

The government can employ MACGRAB for various purposes, focusing on security, surveillance, and public safety. Potential use cases include:

  1. Security and Surveillance: MACGRAB aids in identifying and tracking devices, supporting law enforcement agencies in surveillance operations.
  2. Public Safety and Emergency Response: The device captures MAC addresses to understand crowd movements, assisting in managing public safety during events or emergencies.
  3. Counterterrorism Measures: MACGRAB contributes to counterterrorism efforts by tracking and analyzing device movements in sensitive or high-security areas.
  4. Contact Tracing (in Public Health Emergencies): Useful for health authorities in contact tracing during the spread of contagious diseases, facilitating effective containment of outbreaks.
  5. Infrastructure Planning: MAC address data analysis supports urban planning and resource allocation, informing decisions related to transportation, public services, and infrastructure development.

Similarity to JamDetect:

MACGRAB shares similarities with Digitpol's renowned JamDetect product, known for its proficiency in detecting jammers. Both products exemplify Digitpol's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for digital and cybercrime investigations.

Note to Customers:

MACGRAB is an active surveillance device and is exclusively available for purchase by Government Law Enforcement Agencies or Investigative Agencies.

Contact Information:

For more information about MACGRAB and other Digitpol products, please contact Digitpol directly.

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