Stolen Asset Recovery

Stolen Asset Recovery - We Trace, Locate, Seize, and Recover Stolen Assets

A service for the Financial, Leasing & Insurance sector. Search, Seizure & Repatriation. Digitpol provides operational support with the Search and Recovery of stolen assets or embezzled assets such as vehicles, boats, plant machinery, fixed and mobile assets. Asset Embezzlement is a Financial Crime and it is rising rapidly. Digitpol provides global asset recovery services to recover embezzled or stolen assets.

Embezzled, Stolen, Leased or Fraudulent Thefts, Digitpol’s Asset Recovery Unit operate globally with offices in The Netherlands, Budapest, Kosovo, London, West Balkans, UAE, Hong Kong and CIS regions. Our experts have decades of experience with investigation of  wanted assets, stolen property, tracing fixed assets and the most complex type, vehicle crime and stolen car tracking. When Digitpol is engaged to recover a stolen asset, we operate with fairness and transparency. We are leaders in asset tracking and repatriation.

To Investigate Stolen Assets, Digitpol charges 150 euro per hour plus expenses such as legal assistance fuel and transportation. As each case is different, the cost varies therefore we advise you to take contact with us beforehand to discuss the case. In some cases your insurance firm may cover the costs.

To start the process of investigation which is an administration role known as an “Intake” or “first stage”, during the intake we analyse the case and the information sent to us, we examine the claim to ascertain the claim is authentic, when all is in order we then deploy our specialized teams to search for the asset.

For all tracing and repatriation require the following documents.

  1. We need to see the required documents such as POA, Police theft report and vehicle papers, we need to be fully assured the claim is authentic.
  2. Once we analyse the case and claim we then deploy our specalised teams.
  3. When we locate your asset, we conduct a forensic analysis on the asset on-site and detail the discovery in a report.
  4. We ensure the original identity is correct by forensic methods during the seizure.
  5. With the right documents the asset can be returned to its lawful owner from any foreign state, we handle the legal process and transport.
  6. All procedures are arranged via a Law Enforcement Agency or Attorney and supported by the insurance or the financial agency involved.


What To Do if Your Car, Boat, Truck, Plant or a Mobile Asset is Stolen?

Report immediately the theft to the police along with all details, bring the car documents with you and if the vehicle has a tracking system, provide the login to the tracker. Once you have reported the car to the Police then call Digitpol to assist you in the search. CALL +31558448040 Digitpol can assist you across Europe and Internationally.

What To Do If Your Car Was Asset Abroad?

It is important that you report this to the local police in the country the car was stolen as soon as possible. Bring the registration certificate and any information you have about the car and the place and time of the theft. Once the car is reported stolen, then call Digitpol to assist you in the search. Digitpol +31558448040. When you return to your country, you must contact the your local police to update them so that your insurance company is fully aware, during the interview, you will be asked to provide the police theft statement you made abroad.

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DIGITPOL - Stolen Vehicle Investigation
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Register a stolen vehicle, a car, motorbike, boat, camper, plant or a truck into Digitpol's stolen vehicle database, this will enable, immediately the vehicle to be visible across a wide range of social media platforms, on the internet and shared with Digitpol's investigation partners.

International Stolen Car Database is an active database of stolen cars, boats, motorbikes, and trucks. Digitpol is responsible for the upkeep and registration of this Stolen Car Database and registers stolen, wanted, and embezzled vehicles for USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Pacific, all vehicles listed in this database are wanted as stolen objects.

By registering a vehicle to the stolen car database, an alert including information about the vehicle is sent out across social media and is resent every few hours, the vehicles chassis number (VIN), Vehicle Identity Number, Make, Model, Color and License Plate will be listed on the first page of google as stolen. This is vital when a stolen car is shipped out of your country or is checked by customs, police or import authorities or potential buyers. If your car is reported to the local police, the serial number, VIN and license plate may not show up in a public Internet (google) search as stolen therefore this stolen vehicle database provides the public with additional resources to combat vehicle crime and increase the chances to recover a stolen vehicle.

It is proven that many buyers have searched a VIN online before buying a vehicle, therefore the existence of a vehicle in this database is vital to alert the police, customs, public, a potential buyer or a vehicle import / export office.

If your vehicle / car is stolen you need to report the theft immediately to the nearest police station and then phone Digitpol to assist in the search by listing the car stolen or searching for the vehicle. As soon as the theft is reported to the police, the Police issues an International warrant based on the VIN and License plate. The vehicle is then wanted internationally and on the Interpol SMV database. In some cases, Digitpol provides operational support with the Search and Recovery.

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Our Solutions


International Tracing, Location and Repatriation of Stolen Assets

Digitpol's has developed a custom ANPR solution for vehicle crime prevention and recovery.


On-site examinations, inspect parts, assets, vehicles and trace the original identity

Legal Process

The repatriation of vehicles from another country often involves a complex legal process. Digitpol handles all the legal matters.


We specialise in covered car transport, enclosed car transport and international car transport.


When the location of your stolen asset is known by a tracker or intelligence, Digitpol's response teams deploy to the location to conduct a search.