Stolen Car Database

International Stolen Vehicle Database for USA, EU, Asia, Africa and Pacific, all vehicles listed in this database are wanted as stolen objects. If you find a vehicle that is wanted in this database contact Digitpol as soon as you discover the vehicle is stolen or contact the nearest police station. This database contains stolen cars, bikes, plant, trucks and boats.

By listing a stolen vehicle into Digitpol's stolen vehicle database, this will enable search engines to display to the public (when searched) the VIN and License plate as stolen. This is vital when a stolen vehicle is shipped out of your country and maybe check by customs, police or import authorities or potential buyers. If your car is reported to the local police, the VIN and plate will not show up in a public Internet (google) search as stolen. It is proven that many buyers have searched a VIN online before buying a vehicle. By listing your car in this database, the VIN will be displayed in a google or internet search as STOLEN.

If your vehicle / car is stolen you need to report the theft immediately to the nearest police station and then phone Digitpol to assist in the search. As soon as the theft is reported to the police, the Police issues an International warrant based on the VIN and License plate. The vehicle is then wanted internationally and on the Interpol SMV database. Digitpol provides operational support with the Search and Recovery.

Theft Description Vehicle Make: Model: License Plate: VIN: Details of Theft: Image: Data Added Stolen Status:
Stolen BMW M850i BMW M850i 8MUK447 WBAFY4C58KBX29661

Stolen BMW M850i, stolen from Pine Street, US 92103

07/12/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Hyundai Santa Fe Hyundai Santa Fe 1DN7552 5nm523ad5lh1h7990

Stolen Hyundai Santa Fe, stolen from 13th St S Bessemer Al, US, 35020

08/03/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Nissan Altima Nissan Altima BR39651 1N4BL4DV9KC210875

Stolen from USA, 60619

08/03/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Honda Accord LX Honda Accord LX BYH2707 1HGCR2F34FA141318

Stolen during armed robber. Hijacking. The car has a crack on the left tail light and police benevolent association sticker on the back window.

07/12/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Kia Forte Kia Forte 8KUG774 3KPF24AD6KEO71940

Stolen Kia Forte, Stolen NEAR 16TH & RICHARDS, SACRAMENTO, CA

08/03/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Mitsubishi Montero Sport Mitsubishi Montero Sport WG5N2X JA4MT31R12J031983 08/03/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Audi A4 Audi A4 2.0T Premium Plus KLJ-8296 Texas WAUEFAFL3BN056612

Stolen from Cavalier Dr. Florence KY, USA

07/12/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Chevy Tahoe CHEVY Tahoe 690cfc 1gnec13t1yj115762

Stolen from 9450 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX US

07/12/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Ford F350 Ford 350 DGS-847 1FTSW31S8YED37846

Stolen Ford F350, DGS-847, stolen from 13670 Via Varra

07/12/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Toyota Camry Toyota Camry mym7204 4T1BD1FK6DU074805

Stolen Toyota, mym7204, Vehicle was loaned out. Upon sending a 10-day demand letter with certified delivery and no response, vehicle was officially reported stole. June 15, 2020

07/12/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Honda Civic 6DT1849 Honda Civic 6DT1849 2HGFB2F5XEH508550

Stolen Honda Civic, Stolen from E franklin Avenue Glenn Dale 20769, USA. If you see this vehicle contact the Police.

07/15/2020 STOLEN
Stolen VW Polo ND783732 Volkswagen Polo ND783732 WVWZZZ60ZJT130526

A Volkswagen Polo was stolen at gunpoint (armed robbery) in Bonela, South Africa on the 07/11/2020.

Stolen VW Polo ND783732 07/28/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Mercedes Benz S63 AMG CLVA272 WDDXJ7JB4FA006381
Stolen Mercedes Benz S63 AMG,  License Plate CLVA272  VIN: WDDXJ7JB4FA006381  Stolen From Mississauga Ontario
08/06/2020 STOLEN
STOLEN MAZDA MPV MAZDA MPV 5JVG892 Jm3lw28ax40529554

A Mazda MPV with License plate 5JVG892 was stolen on the 14th of August in Hollywood, USA. IF you see this vehicle call the Police.

08/16/2020 STOLEN
Stolen BMW X5 22-GF-TF BMW X5 4.4i Petrol 22-GF-TF WBAFB31020LG90336

A BMW X5 was Stolen from a garage on the 17/08/2020 in the Netherlands, stolen with keys, BMW X5, 4.4i, Petrol. The vehicle has a Netherlands License Plate 22-GF-TF and VIN WBAFB31020LG90336. If you see this vehicle call the Police.

Stolen BMW X5 22-GF-TF 08/18/2020 STOLEN
A Ford F350 with the License plate of 696NVM Ford F350 696NVM 1FDWF36SXYEE07806

A Ford F350 with the License plate of 696NVM and the VIN of 1FDWF36SXYEE07806 was stolen on the 21/8/2020 from Hunter Lake Dr, 89509, USA. If you see this vehicle, call the Police.

A Ford F350 with the License plate of 696NVM 08/22/2020 STOLEN

A Kia Optima with the license plate of AJPX31 and the VIN of KNAGM4A76F5643791 was stolen on the 05/27/2020 from Pacheco St, 87505, USA. If you see this vehicle contact the Police.

08/29/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Toyota Corolla with the license plate of 729RNF Toyota Corolla 729RNF 1NXBR12E71Z556244

A Toyota Corolla with the license plate of 729RNF and the VIN of 1NXBR12E71Z556244 was stolen on the 08/29/2020 from leather bury lane, 46222, USA. If you see this vehicle contact the Police.

08/29/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Toyota Corolla with the license plate of 5PZF617 Toyota Corolla 5PZF617 1NXBR32E05Z564316

A Toyota Corolla with the license plate of 5PZF617 and the VIN of 1NXBR32E05Z564316 was stolen on the 08/22/2020 from 5101 w century Blvd Inglewood, CA, USA. If you see this vehicle contact the Police.

08/29/2020 STOLEN
Stolen Tesla with VIN 5YJSA1E47JF287685 Tesla S P100D 5YJSA1E47JF287685 5YJSA1E47JF287685

A Tesla S P100 D was stolen from the USA. IF you see this vehicle, contact DIGITPOL or the Police.

09/01/2020 STOLEN
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