Website Development

Website development is offered to clients whom require a robust, solid and secure website, Digitpol's coders put their years of experience in IT security into coding a website. We can develop, design, host and deliver a website in 24h. We build Webstores, webshops, estores, ecommerce shops and business sites.

Digitpol is an accredited provider of IT support services to the corporate sector. Digitpol provides ICT support, Domain, Hosting, Data Management, Email Services, Cloud, System Administration, Software, Updates, Backups and Security. Digitpol are IT Providers for industry standard hardware and software solutions.

ICT Specialists

At Digitpol, we are primarily a cyber security firm so why do we offer website development? The reason is that of the years many of our clients suffered attacks from poorly built sites and they paid a fortune for these sites, many had bad code and open ends, therefore we took the decision to assist our clients by re-building their sites, in most cases we re-built the site from zero. So, combine our security, coding, IT skills into website development and we are certain that we can deliver this product to you at ease and at the highest standard. At Digitpol, we know every aspect of IT from digital forensics to security, we recognise high-quality IT solutions and premium brands by testing applications before we provide them to our clients, this testing requires specialist and in-depth knowledge of cyber and digital components. Digitpol's IT specialists are fully certified in cyber security, computer forensics, network forensics, installation and repairs for the brands that we use in the IT environments that we build and monitor.

The Process

Once you have ordered the development, there are a few steps to take, the first is the design, the look, the content and products. The second is the domain name and the third is the hosting. When you have completed the order, our coders will contact you to start the process.

Digitpol has years of experience with the WordPress, SEO, Google Ranking, Ads and all CMS and can safely call itself an expert. Digitpol also has the expertise for other CMS systems or frameworks.


At Digitpol, we incorporate cyber security into all our IT support services as cyber security is a critical part of daily running of IT systems. Digitpol's managed solutions offers a total holistic security approach with a 24/7 response team. Our IT Support provides phone and remote assistance 24/7, our support service solves any problems or bugs and provides tailor made solutions for your specific needs.

Design, SEO & Launch

We develop, configure all SEO, security and domain properties. Our websites are supplied fully responsive and work on all devices. We will install the site to your own hosting or offer you the hosting. Every site coded by Digitpol is built with security and to the highest standard.

Malware & Virus Scanning

We always include security, on your site, we will configure the plugin to perform an extensive virus scan per day, this is configured to automatically check the entire content of your website and database for malicious code and files and report back to us.

Keeping the site up-to date

Website upgrades are the most critical issue, our background is cybersecurity therefore on your site, we configure the site to check for updates and automatic runs to upgrade all the plugins, we perform any theme updates, ensuring that your website and its plugins are always up to date.

24/7 monitoring

We configure the plugin to monitor the website 24/7. We detect on the fly cyber attack, hacking and we can intervene immediately and stop attacks. This is essential for webshops or e-commerce websites that handle personal data and products for sale. When you engage the IT support services of Digitpol, your in safe hands.

What is IT Support

IT Support refers to services provided to users of Internet and computing related technology products or services, such as  web domain, hosting, computers, workstations, servers, setup, configuring, installation. In general, IT technical support provides help regarding specific Internet problems with an IT product or service.

Why Digitpol

Digitpol started in 2012 with one important mission: making the internet safer. Today, Digitpol is one of the world's leading providers of Cyber Security, Intelligence, Risk and Investigation services. Digitpol offers reliable, practical and affordable cyber security solutions for both small and large SME organizations. Digitpol has developed security solutions based on real time attacks, with all this knowledge we are certain we can provide solid IT support for your organisation.

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