Rapid Intervention in Poland - Cargo Theft

During the night of 11th to 12th June, three trailers with cargo worth approximately one million euros were stolen in the east of the Netherlands. In coordination with the Vehicle Crime Insurance Agency (VbV), insurer TVM has contacted Digitpol - a certified private and internationally accredited investigation agency - and cooperation partner of the VbV.

TVM has asked Digitpol to take on the search for the stolen vehicles and cargo.

Successful intervention

Digitpol, in collaboration with VbV, TVM, the Netherlands National Police and Polish Law Enforcement and Police, ensured that the stolen trailers and cargo quickly came into view and remained there. In the end, this resulted in a rapid intervention by the Polish Police close to the border with Ukraine. Detectives from Digitpol and TVM traveled to Poland in connection with the investigation. The investigation is still ongoing, but the good news is that thanks to the Polish authorities, the seized trailers and cargo have been checked, released and repatriated to the Netherlands.

Public-private cooperation

VbV played a supporting role in this in its contacts with the Dutch and foreign police. With special thanks to the Polish authorities for the rapid actions, interventions, detailed investigations and forensic investigation. They did a great job at a very high level!

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