Stolen Vehicle Investigation & Recovery in West Africa

We Trace, Locate and Investigate Stolen Vehicles, Cars, Boats, Trucks, Bikes, Trailers in Togo, Ghana and West Africa. 

If your vehicle / car is stolen has been discovered or located in Ghana, Togo or West Africa, the most important step is to ensure your local Police agency has sent or will send an Interpol notice to Interpol NCB in the country the vehicle is located in, following that contact Digitpol to provide assistance on the ground to locate the vehicle and secure it so that the Police can seize it.

Due to a global transnational problem with stolen vehicles been trafficked to west Africa, specifically Ghana, Digitpol’s Stolen Vehicle Investigation Unit has deployed a SIU unit operate in West Africa to trace and seize stolen vehicles.

Our experts have decades of experience with investigation of vehicle crime, stolen vehicle tracking, tracing and repatriation of stolen vehicles. When Digitpol is engaged to recover a Stolen Vehicle, we operate with fairness and transparency. We are leaders in vehicle tracking and repatriation also known as vehicle recovery.

Stolen vehicles are been trafficked to Ghana, Togo, Benin, Lagos, Senegal, Dakar, Morocco, Sierra Leone and Nigeria via container ships from Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.

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