Vehicle Identity Check

Stolen Vehicle Check, Digitpol’s Stolen Vehicle Investigation Unit can conduct a full check on any vehicle to determine its originality. VIN and KM.

Digitpol’s Stolen Vehicle Investigation Unit operate globally with offices in The Netherlands, West Balkans and CIS. Our experts have decades of experience with investigation of vehicle crime, stolen vehicle tracking, tracing and repatriation of stolen vehicles. When Digitpol is engaged to identify a Vehicle for identity, verify the originality and the status of KM, we operate with fairness and transparency. We are leaders in vehicle investigation.

Recovery of Deleted Digital VIN and KM data

We specialize in recovery of deleted KM, VIN and Serial numbers from all types of coded ECU's. ABS. Airbag modules, Instrument clusters (dashboards), Keys and Navigation units.

  • KM reading
  • VIN & Serial numbers
  • History and faults with times and KM
  • Crash data, events and historic faults.

Is The Key Original? Does it belong to the car?

Recovery of data from Keys -  Transponder Chip Forensics

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Are the locks original?
  • How many keys are coded to the vehicle, which key is it
  • Has the seller kept a key?
  • Are the keys original or aftermarket

Cloned Cars - Is your new car a clone?

With cloned vehicles, the scammers copy the characteristics of a vehicle that is still driving around. The number plates and VIN are then false. In that case it makes no sense to check the license plate number via local registration databases as the license plates refers to the correct vehicle with the correct identity, often the paperwork is stolen or counterfeit. We will check all these points and validate if the vehicle, its paperwork and all identity numbers are original or not.

Stolen Vehicle Investigation - DIGITPOL
Digitpol Forensic Investigation Unit
DIGITPOL - Stolen Vehicle Investigation

Stolen Vehicle Investigation Stats & Charts

The German Bundeskriminalamt uses the 2011 figures provided by the German association of insurance companies for the total economic damage on stolen motor vehicles: almost 260 million Euros. This amount represents only stolen vehicles (and not, for example, vehicles which are lost through fraud). The total economic damage is an increase of almost 1% compared to 2010 and a 19% increase compared to the average total amount of the previous 5 years. Moreover, the average individual claim was higher. This could be caused by an increased market value of the average car stolen or an indication of a trend in which motor vehicles with a higher value are targeted. @BKA

Vehicle crime is a highly organized criminal activity affecting all regions of the whole world and with clear links to organized crime and terrorism. Vehicles are not only stolen for their entire functionality, vehicles are also trafficked to finance other crimes. They can also be used as bomb carriers or in the perpetration of other crimes. At the end of December 2015 7.4 million records of reported stolen motor vehicles were registered globally.

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