Stock Fraud Investigation

Stock Fraud Investigation

Digitpol conducts investigations into Stock Fraud and Investment Fraud, such crimes are rising rapidly, trading scams such as stock fraud, issuing of fraudulent or fake shares, broker fraud and investment scams are all well organized and not easily to detect. Digitpol has seen an increase in Investment and stock broker scams targeting business and individuals and routing payment to offshore jurisdictions. Digitpol’s operational units deploy daily to assist with the verification of stock brokers and checks on issued shares, validate share certificates, validate investment firms offering such sales.

Digitpol conducts checks on several layers, document examination, email examination, verification at the stock exchange, share certification checks and on-site visits to the investment company.

It is typical that fake trading and Investment fraudsters have used a fake website that are similar to the name of a real trading firm that's live and registered, the fraud is often that the website is not the actual website of the real firm or a fake address is provided on the website, often a different bank account name is used for deposits. Digitpol can check all aspects of a investment company, its location, structure, license, website and the domain. Digitpol conducts checks with the real company to confirm it is theirs (real) or not (fake). We can validate if the company really exists and if they are "live" in the sector of trading.

In the majority of cases, Digitpol visits the companies office to validate the checks and meet with its staff. In the event the findings are fraudulent, then a Police complaint and procedure to recover funds is required.

If you have purchased shares that you suspect to be fraudulent contact Digitpol to carry out checks and prepare a report, following that if fraud is discovered, a complaint is necessary at the Police. Digitpol will provide a police accepted report on the evidence.

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