Stalkerware App Investigation

Digitpol investigates mobile phones to detect if stalkwerware is installed. A number of checks are performed to identify stalkwerware such as a forensic examination, live packet analysis and sector by sector file structor analysis.

Stalkerware is monitoring software or spyware that is used for stalking. The term was coined when people started to widely use commercial spyware to spy on their spouses or intimate partners. Digitpol, a leader in mobile phone forensics provides services to detect any traces of stalkerware or spying apps installed on mobile phones. A forensic examination also provides detailed report that can be used as evidence.

If you suspect stalkwerware is installed, send the phone or device to Digitpol for a forensic analysis. Digitpol's mobile phone experts specialize in recovery of data from mobile phones and portable devices. We recover SMS, Calls, Emails, Media, VoIP data, GPS, Internet History, Whatsapp, Viber, Signal, Telegram, Deleted Data, Cloud Sources and all Cell ID Data.

Detection of Stalkerware App

What Data is Recoverable 

  • Detect Stalkerware App Installation
  • SMS | IM Chat | WhatsApp | Viber | Skype | Wechat | IRC | Deleted
  • Call history | Incoming | Outgoing | Missed | Deleted
  • EMAILs | Incoming | Outgoing | Drafts | Deleted
  • GPS locations | Waypoints | GEO tagging of pictures
  • Photos | Sent | Received | Deleted
  • Social Network logs | Activity Time | GEO Login | Deleted
  • Internet History | History | Entered Keywords | Searches | Deleted | Cookies
  • Wifi Data | SSID | MAC | I.P
  • Bluetooth | Paired devices | Timestamp
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