A team of private investigators, FBI and a regulator have seized 30 Million of stolen. Digitpol highlights, the recovery of stolen crypto assets may only apply to those that have made a Police report at the time of the theft and along with other parameters such as proof of transactions and wallet ownership

The FBI and private investigators have seized about $30 million worth of cryptocurrency stolen by North Korean government-linked hackers from a video game company in March, according to Chainalysis, a US firm that said it worked with the FBI to claw back the stolen money.

It’s the latest example of a concerted effort from US law enforcement to recover some of the hundreds of millions of dollars that Pyongyang’s hackers have allegedly plundered from cryptocurrency firms in recent months — money that US officials worry is used to fund North Korean’s nuclear weapons programs.

The $30 million recovered is just a fraction of the equivalent of more than $600 million that the FBI said the North Korean hackers originally stole from Sky Mavis, a company with an office in Vietnam that makes a popular video game that allows users to earn digital money. But the seizure is still a breakthrough for law enforcement, and investigators are actively trying to recover some of the remaining loot, according to Erin Plante, Chainalysis’ senior director of investigations.

The FBI and the Justice Department did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

“The money has been frozen by [law enforcement],” Sky Mavis co-founder Aleksander Leonard Larsen told CNN. “No funds returned as of yet and we expect it to take time until the community gets the funds back. Note also that all user funds have been reimbursed.”

The Wall Street Journal first reported the seizure.


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