PS5 Console Verify On-line Sales

Due to the high demand for PlayStation 5 (PS5), cybercriminals and scammers are advertising PS5 on rogue websites and offering fake PS5s to trick people into purchasing these fake products, some costing up to $1,100. As the demand for sales is high and a number of websites and e-shops are selling PS5 online. Digitpol advise buyers to check out e-shops and websites advertising PS5 Console online before you complete the purchase.

Everyone is very eager to purchase the latest PlayStation console, this is a combination of COVID19 and the Christmas sales, buyers should be aware of the scammers that try to take advantage of this high demand. The most safest option is to purchase from an official store but buyers do not have the patience to wait and willing to purchase a PS5 with less secure methods.

In order to Verify a e-shop or website before you purchase the goods, fill out the form below and Digitpol will contact you.

The Check:
We perform a check on websites and e-commence sites, this check is based on a number of parameters, we can detect fake websites, e-shops operated by anonymous servers and identity if a webshop is authentic or not. We also check the payment gateway, the final outcome is a score and this is an indication if the offer is authentic or fraudulent.

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