Private Intelligence Agency (PIA)

Digitpol’s Global Private Intelligence Agency Unit is composed of former government agents, intelligence officers and cyber professionals. Digitpol's PIA deploys passive, active, offensive and defensive capabilities in the sector of Cyber, Telecoms, Data Monitoring, Intelligence and Operations. We conduct investigations, fact findings and surveillance on high profile targets. We deploy our services to cases such serious and organised crimes, detection of espionage and financial crime / fraud investigations.

Our work involves information beyond publicly available facts, this enables us to look into matters behind the scenes, always for security, investigations and within the legal framework. Mostly, we work in secrecy and rarely do our successes become public.  Digitpol is an authorized criminal investigation agency specializing in operational support and investigative services to fight against transnational crimes. We work together with Public - Private, Law Enforcement Agencies and National Security Services.

A private intelligence agency (PIA) is a private sector (non-governmental) or quasi-non-government organisation devoted to the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information, through the evaluation of public sources (OSINT or Open Source INTelligence) and cooperation with other institutions

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