NFC Vehicle Identification Marker

NFC & RFID vehicle identification tags are installed in several covert locations on a vehicle and are readable from outside by a smartphone APP, the identification smart tags contain the vehicles make, model, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), serial numbers, license plate, engine number and are searchable in a Police approved database. Digitpol's NFC & RFID vehicle identification tags will enable Law Enforcement and Investigators to identify stolen vehicles, cars, trucks, boats, bikes, motorbikes, motorhomes and classic cars.

INFC RFID Identification Markers For Vehicles, Bikes, Motors, eBikes, Classic Cars, Trucks, Plant. Protect your assets with our covert RFID NFC Asset Tags

Installation & Registration NFC RFID asset identification set

Each NFC RFID asset identification set is coded once installed to the vehicles ownership, this includes a serial number linked to the owner, the Make, Model, Color, Production Year, Engine Type, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), License Plate and other information about the vehicle the NFC RFID asset identification tags are installed into. The installation can be done by the car owner or Digitpol can install the tags, once the installation is complete the tags are then registered into a database which the Police has access to, this database contains the serial number of the tags and where each tag has been placed in the vehicle.

Identifying the tags: The tags can be read by any mobile phone that supports NFC reading, once our NFC RFID asset identification APP is downloading, the user can read the tag information when the phone is pressed on the location the tag is installed at.

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