Martin Coyne, an investigator with 19 years experience in Intelligence, Criminal Investigation and Digital Forensics. Mr Coyne is a certified Computer Forensic Investigator. Mr Coyne’s career has focused on the development of digital forensic technology and forensic examinations. Since 2006 Mr Coyne has spent most of his career working on international criminal research and has been appointed as an expert in many such cases.

Mr Coyne was appointed to the EUROPOL’s European Cybercrime Training & Education Group, (ECTEG), in 2009. ECTEG is a working group hosted by Europol in The Hague. Mr Coyne represented the Netherlands.

Mr Coyne is an external expert member of the Strategic Knowledge Center for Organized Subversive Crime an organisation commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Security. 

Mr Coyne was approved by the Netherlands Ministry of Justice and Security to manage the investigations and operations within Digitpol under a permit issued by the ministry (POB1557), he has held this position since 2014, prior to Digitpol Mr Coyne was an employee of the Netherlands Police.

Certified Computer Forensic Examiner (CFE)
Certified Wireless & Networks Forensic Examiner
Certified Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures (TSCM)
Certified Certified Vehicle Forensic Examiner (VFE)

Topics of Interest:
Criminal Investigation
Fraud Investigation
Interception of RF Telecommunications
Digital Forensic, Computer Examinations and eDiscovery
Asset Tracing & Seizure

Digitpol CEO Martin COYNE

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