Malware Scanner for Mobile Phones

Detection of Malware on Mobiles, Digitpol's mobile device forensics experts have developed a custom application, a Malware Scanner that is designed to detect malware installed on mobile phones. The application scans mobiles phones file structure to detect malware, spying apps, monitors the IP connection, data transfers and detects un authorised data transfer. This application is ideal for business use.

The development comes after years of investigating malware and spyware and analysing data forensic from mobile phones. Malware and Spying apps are rampant and they are growing specifically in the commercial espionage sector.

Digitpol has focused on detection of the most complex malware installations and spyware applications.

Mobile malware is malicious software that targets mobile phones or wireless-enabled Personal digital assistants, by causing the collapse of the system and loss or leakage of confidential information.

If Malware is Discovered - We Can Help

Digitpol utilizes global leading technology,  Cellebrite Technology, Cellebrite’s forensic expert technology allows us to carry out forensic acquisition of data from the supported listed devices.

What Data is Recoverable 

  • Full File Directory Scanning
  • Sector by Sector Examination
  • Spyware Installation Detection
  • IP Packet Analysis
  • SMS | IM Chat | WhatsApp | Viber | Skype | Wechat | IRC | Deleted
  • Call history | Incoming | Outgoing | Missed | Deleted
  • EMAILs | Incoming | Outgoing | Drafts | Deleted
  • GPS locations | Waypoints | GEO tagging of pictures
  • Photos | Sent | Received | Deleted
  • Social Network logs | Activity Time | GEO Login | Deleted
  • Internet History | History | Entered Keywords | Searches | Deleted | Cookies
  • Wifi Data | SSID | MAC | I.P
  • Bluetooth | Paired devices | Timestamp
Digitpol working with Cellebrite

Our Expertise


Our mobile forensic unit can conduct examination on site. 


Digitpol Cyber Crime Team specialise in wireless network analysis, we offer RF site surveying, WiFi analysis, Secured wireless network installation and Wi-Fi security services for private and public Wi-Fi hotspot networks.

We perform Surveys to record all Wi-Fi networks on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum to determine what devices are on your network and if any rogue devices are present. We conduct pen testing on your network via Wi-Fi. We don’t need to access your offices to perform the tests.

Worried about data in the cloud?

Cloud data sources represent a virtual goldmine of potential evidence for forensic investigators. Together with mobile device data, they often capture the details and critical connections investigators need to solve crimes. However, access remains a challenge. Roadblocks and red tape by cloud service providers add time and significant cost to investigations. UFED Cloud Analyzer provides forensic practitioners with instant extraction, preservation and analysis of private social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Instagram — file storage and other cloud-based account content that can help speed investigations. Cellbrite has the ultimate solution when it comes to Cloud Forensics, Digitpol utilises the Cellebrite platform to conduct investigations.

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