Malware Removal Service

Digitpol provides a service, Malware Removal service for clients that have been effected by Malware. The removal of malware is often complex and requires time and specific decryption keys. Digitpol cooperates with global investigation and cybersecurity teams, such cooperation has allowed for experts to understand new types of malware and the removal process.

Malware infection can happen to anyone while browsing the internet or downloading files, opening documents, pictures, emails and other forms of digital attachments.

If your PC or network is infected, its important to detect what is infected and have it removed before it spreads further. The most important is to disconnect the infected device from the Internet and call Digitpol or send us an email.

The general advice is not to pay the ransom. By sending your money to cybercriminals you’ll only confirm that ransomware works, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the decryption key you need in return.

Digitpol’s Cyber Crime Investigation experts investigate malware and have developed skill-sets to remove malware and to recover lost or encrypted data. We are able to identify the malware and remove it.

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