International Police Cooperation

Digitpol partners with lgk consultancy to assist governments with design and implementation of strategy, bringing in-depth knowledge of International Police Cooperation, lgk consultancy SAS is a consulting company founded by Mr Laurent Grosse-Kozłowski, lgk provides consulting services to assist global governments in enhancing their security and private companies to create and develop business opportunities with governments around the world.

lgk consultancy can provide access to a worldwide network of high level decision makers in law enforcement and security. Building on the experience of its founder, lgk consultancy also provides consulting services to international organizations in a wide range of areas such as legal, governance and management.

Laurent Grosse-Kozłowski

Laurent Grosse-Kozłowski is the Founder and Chairman of lgk consultancy. Mr Grosse-Kozłowski brings a wealth of experience acquired in INTERPOL Headquarters during his 27 years of service where Mr Grosse-Kozłowski held several high-level positions such as the General Counsel and the Executive Director.

Mr Grosse-Kozłowski is globally recognized as a leader in international criminal policing, legal, governance and management.

Mr Grosse-Kozłowski holds a Master in Law and in Business Administration.

To contact Mr Grosse-Kozłowski, via CONTACT  or visit  lgk consultancy