Infrastructure Assessment

Digitpol's Cyber Crime Team specializes in conducting infrastructure assessments to detect security flaws in a wide range of computer and virtual networks. This includes servers, networks, firewalls, routers, wireless networks, databases, and any other form of network where devices are assigned. Infrastructure assessments are deployed to identify cyber espionage, vulnerabilities, and other potential security issues. This involves a comprehensive analysis of the network infrastructure, including the identification of potential attack vectors and the implementation of immediate fixes to address any identified vulnerabilities.

The infrastructure assessment process typically involves a combination of automated and manual testing techniques, including vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and other security testing methodologies. The goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive assessment of their network infrastructure and a clear understanding of any security risks that may be present.

Digitpol's infrastructure assessment services provide clients with the necessary tools and expertise to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities in their network infrastructure, helping to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks and other security threats.

Android Application Penetration Testing

Android Application Penetration Testing, Digitpol provides mobile app penetration testing services to review code and discover security flaws, our services are conducted by senior coders and assessment testers, we use both automated and manual examination of code.

APP API - Cloud Pen Testing

APP API Testing, As many apps send data to a cloud known as a backend end via an API, we also conduct testing of cloud environment  to APP for discovery of vulnerabilities and security risks. An API between an APP and cloud can contain hidden flaws in security, this is a critical factor we look into.

LAN Network Penetration Testing

Digitpol specalises in security audits of a local network can be performed locally, onsite or at clients premises or via VPN. Testing of LAN networks will discover malware, bots, rogue devices, traffic to rouge sources, data leakage, unauthorised PC or devices and vulnerabilities.

Website or Cloud Applications

We perform application testing on new and existing applications, websites, cloud apps, management consoles, data storages, we conduct testing of all forms of applications to discover if any security flaws exist, malware, open back doors, data transfer, leakage, security certifications and coding issues.