Global Provider of Encrypted Communications

Digitpol, is a global provider of encrypted communications solutions such as encrypted email servers, encrypted phone calls, encrypted mobile phones and highly secured devices. In partnership with manufactures of military grade encrypted devices, we can provide encrypted communications to governments, OEM's, financial sector, energy sector, law enforcement and large corporate sectors. Highly encrypted communications prevents spying, interception, triangulation, wire-tapping. Encrypted phone communications are used by large corporate agencies to prevent commercial espionage, used by governments to prevent foreign intelligence interference and by the financial sector. An encrypted phone is a highly secured phone with encrypted internal components and encrypted communications such as encrypted calls, sms, messages, file share and encrypted storage.

Encrypted Mobile Phones consists of hardware and software, encrypted mobile handsets combined with highly encrypted, custom operating systems provides the ultimate in security against eavesdropping and electronic surveillance.  Encrypted phones can protect calls from interception by using algorithms to encrypt the signals. The phones have a cryptographic chip that handles encryption and decryption. Two algorithms are programmed into the chip, a key-exchange algorithm for the key agreement protocol and a symmetric-key algorithm for voice encryption.

The interception of telecommunications has become a major industry. Most of the world's intelligence agencies and many private organizations intercept telephone communications to obtain military, economic and political information. The price of simple mobile phone surveillance devices has become so low that many individuals can afford to use them. Advances in technology have made it difficult to determine who is intercepting and recording private communications. Digitpol supplies secured communications to the corporate sector.

The testing of encrypted communication platforms is carried out by Digitpol on several layers, forensic extraction of data from the phone using law enforcement grade forensic tools, chip off forensics, interception of calls and man in the middle attacks. Encryption is a method in which data is rendered hard to read by an unauthorized party. Since encryption methods are created to extremely hard to break, many communication methods either use deliberately weaker encryption than possible, or have back-doors inserted to permit rapid decryption.

Digitpol provides encrypted devices that have been tested by all means such as forensics and interception.


What Is Protected by an Encrypted Mobile Phone 

  • Secured Voice Calls (GSM)
  • Secured Messages (SMS)
  • Secured VoIP Calls via fully end to end encryption communication portal
  • Secured Messages  Calls via fully end to end encryption communication portal
  • Secured Group Messaging
  • All data held on the phone
  • Photos on Device
  • Contacts List
  • Documents
  • GPS data, routes
  • Cell Tower ID storage