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Fraudster pretends to be an NCSC employee

NOTE: The NCSC currently receives various reports from people who have received an e-mail from a person posing as an employee of the NCSC. The person in question approaches his victims via e-mail, followed by telephone contact. 

The fraudster uses a Gmail email address that contains 'NCSC'. This person also claims in the emails that he or she is employed by the 'Cyber ​​Fraud Department' of the Ministry of Justice and Security. The e-mails request that an amount be transferred that will be used to detect fraudsters.

We emphasize that the person behind this is not employed by the NCSC and therefore does not act on behalf of the NCSC. The request made to transfer money for the detection of fraudsters is therefore not legitimate. And the NCSC will never do that. Should you receive an e-mail from a Gmail email address "NCSC contains containing such a request, please report it to us via and allows you to fraud or scam report it to the police.

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