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Digitpol's JamDetect, a Signal Jammer Detection device, the first 4G Detectors were sent out today to a European Police agency for testing, sent with M2M data sims, web access, app connect and SMS alerts configured.

Digitpol's JamDetect is a signal jammer detector for Law Enforcement, security, patrol and response vehicles, the jammer detector can alert the driver when a jammer is in use within 100 meters and it also sends all the logs to a cloud portal, this allows for detections to be sent to a control room or the monitoring agents. The Jammer Detector can alert agents by SMS, email, API or in the portal. This Jammer Detection solution is an ultimate in the detection and monitoring of signal jammers. Criminals use Signal Jammers solely to defeat law enforcement and electronic tracking. Digitpol's JamDetect module can detect a jammer in milliseconds and alert agents via a range of notifications, our cloud portal also keeps logs of exact timeframes when a jammer was detected.


Digitpol's JamDetect module will detect illegal jammers in use for Vehicle thefts. Jammers are used by criminals to defeat vehicle OEM tracking and aftermarket tracking systems, jammers also defeat onboard navigation and all levels of monitoring or tracking systems.


It has been proven that criminals transporting drugs deploy jammers to defeat law enforcement tracking, tracing and surveillance. Drugs trafficking is difficult to detect and Digitpol's JamDetect module can alert Police to a passing vehicle, container, shipment that a jammer is in use.


Digitpol's JamDetect will detect GPS Jammers in use at car parks and can alert a control room, security guards, law enforcement within seconds of detection. The detection of a jammer can prevent car thefts, robberies and crime. An output is also available to trigger a siren or LED that a jammer is detected.


Embassies and similar buildings may come under attack by illegal jammers, the detection is vital as a Jammer can block alarm systems, fire systems and prevent control rooms from receiving security alerts. Digitpol's Jammer detector can be installed on buildings and will alert control rooms instantly if a jammer is detected.

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