On April 18, the Forensic Investigation, Immigration Police, Identification and Human Trafficking (AVIM) Department, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, Customs and Tax Authorities carried out a major traffic check in Lelystad.

The purpose of this traffic control is to promote road safety, as well as to act against undermining activities. A total of 150 vehicles were checked, looking at the technical condition of the car and whether the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The police issued 71 speeding tickets and another 60 other 'traffic-related' tickets, as the police call it. Two drivers were found to be driving under the influence of drugs. Four vehicles received a so-called WOK report (Wacht Op Keuren). This means that the drivers are not allowed to drive it until the vehicle has been inspected.

The Tax and Customs Administration has collected an amount of 80,000 euros from various motorists. A total of eight vehicles were seized and further investigations were carried out at five vehicles.

Support from VbV
The VbV participated in this traffic control in support of the Forensic Investigation.

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