Cybersecurity Check

Digitpol's Cybersecurity Check is a deep security check on devices such as computers and networks to check for virus, malicious code, malware, spyware and ransomware. Cybersecurity check is known as a cybersecurity scan, cyber audit or an IT audit, the scan is performed on servers, desktops, laptops, networks, applications, internet gateways, sites, email servers and endpoints.

This cybersecurity checkup is an effective way to clearly understand the current level of IT security within your organization. The cybersecurity audit will allow for testing organizational and technical security system measures, it will provide insight into the cyber risks and reveal if open doors exists, if hackers are present and highlight if additional cyber security measures are required.

Digitpol's Cybersecurity check covers all the endpoints in your organisation and is completed with a report detailing every check and the results along with our recommendations.

Digitpol is an award-winning global provider of cybersecurity services for business, cybersecurity integration and real-time support to cybersecurity products, Digitpol provides cybersecurity to all business environments and for all devices, servers, networks, desktops, laptops, workstations, portable devices, phones, VPN and cloud environments. Digitpol is a global cybersecurity company serving more than 50,000 customers across roughly 140 countries.

Digitpol's CyberSecurity Check - The Ultimate in Detection of Prevention of Hacking & Leaks

Cyber security management service is a service provided by Digitpol, cybersecurity management is critical part of the defence and daily running of large IT systems, specifically the early detection of threats and rapid response to cyber incidents requires an expert team with solid knowledge of cyber attacks, incident response and digital forensic investigation, Digitpol's managed solutions offers a total holistic security approach with a 24/7 response team.

Digitpol's extensive expertise in cyber crime is gained by global investigation on real-life attacks. Digitpol's Cyber Crime Unit operates globally and by knowledge of new refined attacks and understanding the design of attacks and the modus operandi, we are able to offer 24/7 incident response and management.

Prevent Data Leaks

Avoid data breaches and other cyber attacks that can drive down the value of your business rapidly and lead to major reputation damage. eg, Verizon bought Yahoo at $350 million less than its original price because of its data breaches.

Detect Hacking

What is the chance that a hacker is on your network and will misuse your systems? Early detection will avoid a major incident. Our Security Audit will ensure that all endpoints are checked for traces of hackers or hacking attempts, past or present.

Weak Security

Know your weaknesses, where your data and assets are located, is your ICT easy to hack and gain access and extract data? We will check the effectiveness of your security solutions, and the readiness of your organization to defend. We will identify every security flaw.

Cyber Security

Early detection of cyber security threats and rapid response to cyber security incidents requires an expert team with solid knowledge of cyber attacks, cyber security and digital forensic investigation, our advanced cyber security managed solutions offers a total holistic security approach with a 24/7 response team.

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