Cyber Risk Insurance Audit

 Cyber Risk Insurance is an insurance product used to protect businesses and individual users from Internet-based risks, and more generally from risks relating to information technology infrastructure and activities. Cyber Insurance generally covers hacking, breaches, leaks and physical hardware. Digitpol's Cyber Risk Insurance Audit is a custom developed solution to meet the growing demand for cyber insurance cover and the risks to provide cyber insurance.

Digitpol's Cyber Risk Insurance Audit, a risk score assessment for insurance or firms seeking to take insurance cover for cyber risk, the audit is carried out by conducting a remote penetration test of the insured ICT systems, data storage, file servers, mail servers / exchanges and an on-site physical inspection. The on-site inspection is vital, the reason is because the largest threats within organisations are "Human" errors, its been proved that the majority of large scale attacks were the result of a human error such as clicking a link, entering passwords into spoofed accounts, phishing attacks and responding to spoofed emails. Our on-site inspection assess the training, integrated prevention functions, automated preventions to detect and avoid human errors, the training and internal cyber security awareness.

Digitpol provides a report which outlines the risk factor by assessing the level of installed cyber security systems, incident response management, policies, the overall status of the insured. When required for advanced auditing, Digitpol performs controlled penetration tests and controlled cyber attacks in order to stress-test the internal policies and defence systems of the insured. The overall aim of the audit is to reduce the risk for insurers, reinsurers and underwriters and of course for the insured. Cyber risk exposures can be difficult to quantify and therefore it is essential for a pre-audit on the insured to assess the scale of the risk and the IT geographies to be insured.

The world's largest reinsurers and insurance firms are providing insurance for cyber risk, known as Cyber insurance which is currently the biggest risk to any insurer, underwriter or reinsurer. The risk associated with cyber risk insurance is the unknown cyber security and IT infrastructure status of the insured. Digitpol has confirmed that many insured organizations are insufficiently protected against cyber attacks and the risk factor is high for a wide scale attack. Cyber insurance is growing and it comes with many disadvantages for insurance firms, fraudulent hacking claims are one of the largest threats.

Digitpol's extensive expertise in cyber security and cyber crime is gained by global investigation on real-life cyber attacks. Digitpol's Cyber Crime Unit operates globally and by knowledge of new refined attacks and understanding the design of attacks and the modus operandi. Digitpol offers 24/7 Cyber Threat Management and Incident Response.

Digitpol has confirmed that many insured organizations are insufficiently protected against cyber attacks and the risk factor is high for a wide scale attack.

A Comprehensive Cyber Risk Audit For Insurance

Digitpol's Cyber Risk Audit is a comprehensive audit designed for insurance policies to identify cyber security weakness and gaps in policies and incident response.  The audit is aimed to provide an independent risk score to the insurance and reinsurance sector.  The outcome of this cyber risk insurance audit is to identify a cyber risk for the current ICT infrastructure to be insured.

Data Leaks & Claims

Avoid data breaches and other cyber attacks that can drive down the value of your business rapidly and lead to major reputation damage. eg, Verizon bought Yahoo at $350 million less than its original price because of its data breaches.

Detect Active Hacking

What is the chance that a hacker is on your network and will misuse your systems? Early detection will avoid a major incident. Our Security Audit will ensure that all endpoints are checked for traces of hackers or hacking attempts, past or present.

Identify Weak Security

Know your weaknesses, where your data and assets are located, is your ICT easy to hack and gain access and extract data? We will check the effectiveness of your security solutions, and the readiness of your organization to defend. We will identify every security flaw.

Ensure Cyber Security

Early detection of cyber security threats and rapid response to cyber security incidents requires an expert team with solid knowledge of cyber attacks, cyber security and digital forensic investigation, our advanced cyber security managed solutions offers a total holistic security approach with a 24/7 response team.

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